Yovanna Ventura Flashes Cleavage In Silky Robe

Yovanna Ventura shared a new, behind-the-scenes look at her makeup and hair as she prepared for a public outing. The Instagram photo, which was posted to social media yesterday, showed Ventura rocking a silky white robe. The robe had lacy accents on the wrists, and a low, plunge neckline that left her cleavage exposed.

Ventura looked straight at the camera, as she parted her lips slightly. She played with a strand of her hair with her right hand, revealing her white nail polish.

Her makeup consisted of heavy eyeliner on both the upper and lower lids, along with a heavy cat eye and mascara. The color palette for the rest of her face was muted and chic, including glossy lipstick and a dusting of blush.

Yovanna also wore her hair down in a middle part, and was spotted with four different hair clips keeping her locks in place.

Many of Yovanna's fans noticed her serious expression in the photo.

"She didn't come to play!" joked a fan.

"Time to get down to the nitty gritty," noted another fan.

"Time 2 get Pretty Yooooooo," said a follower.

Plus, there were some people who commented on her mosquito bites.

"The mosquito bite went away," noticed a fan.

"What a lucky mosquito," responded another fan.

"Any mosquitos left there? Get some antibug spray," advised a follower.

And there were male followers that left flirty messages.

"I'm running late I'll see you soon," joked a fan.

"Babes it's time we got to get to know each other wassup," said another fan.

That's not to mention all of the followers that gushed about Yovanna's good looks.

"Yassss! Look at this healthy hair!" exclaimed a fan.

"Your so cute wowwww kisssss," said another fan.

"You are getting more and more beauty," complimented a follower.

"You make m'y heart melt," said another follower.

But that wasn't all, with plenty of other fans leaving positive messages.


"You're so hot Yolana," said an Instagram user.

"Looking glam Queen. Hope your excited for Fashion Week," said a follower.

Yovanna also shared another update a couple of days ago that accentuated her long legs. The first photo of the set showed her lounging in a couch, as she sported a long-sleeved bodysuit. She extended her right leg while wearing a pair of strappy sandals.

A second photo showed her standing by a green couch, as she placed her right foot on a piece of furniture.