Danielle Knudson Blows A Kiss In Sheer Teddy Lingerie

Danielle Knudson gave fans a behind-the-scenes look at a photo shoot in her newest Instagram post.

The video, which has been watched over 15,000 times, showed Danielle laying on her right side on a platform. The platform had a shiny black bottom, with a matte black backdrop.

Knudson wore a sheer, black teddy, and propped herself up with her right arm.

Someone in the background could be heard saying that the shoot was wrapping up, to which Danielle responded with a series of happy smiles and gestures.

The video started off with her placing her arms up in the air, as she did a little dance move and also blew a kiss. She placed her left leg in front of her right, accentuating her hips, all while the cameras flashed from multiple angles.

There were plenty of nice compliments in the comments section.

"Hottie alert," said a fan.

"So hot... and a real model... None of this fake IG crap... You're the real deal," declared another fan.

"Stunningly gorgeous sexy beauty wow," said a follower.

There were plenty of other fans that got creative with the heat they felt from the video.

"What the h*ll. Such a [hot] show," said a fan, emphasizing their message with a fire emoji.

"Look so hot in this do you need to be wiped down or something," said a follower.

Others were feeling the vibe and the captions.

"Let the weekend begin," said a follower.

"Happy weekend, wonderful Princess," wished another follower.

"Very sexy Happy Friday!" exclaimed an Instagram user.

And that's not to mention all of the other followers that gushed about Danielle's good looks.

"Very beautiful and very sexy," said a fan.

"Such a sexy goddess. Bombshell," said another fan.

"Sexy AF," said a follower.

"AMAZING AND SEXY BARBIE," said another follower.

Plus, Knudson got a shout-out from an international fan.

"Very buithfuel women and I love you from netnya Israel," they said.

"You have an excelent beauty," added a fan.

The video was also interesting because it gave people a good look at the setup for the photo shoot. The platform was raised by a series of brown box-like props, and the top of the black backdrop was held together with giant clips. Toward the end of the video, the camera angle revealed a giant light that hung from the ceiling.

Fans can hope that Danielle will share the final results from the photo shoot in the next few weeks.