Josephine Skriver Shows Off Flirty Cleavage In Pink Bra

Dominik BindlGetty Images

Josephine Skriver shared a new Instagram photo a couple of days ago under her and Jasmine Tookes’ joint page.

The flirty photo showed Josephine wearing a pink bra and white shorts, as she stood outside on a sidewalk. Behind her, viewers could see a row of palm trees.

The model puckered her lips and held cotton candy in her left hand. She also had a small piece of the candy treat in her other hand, as she extended her hand toward the camera.

Skriver also rocked a pair of gold-rimmed aviator sunglasses, along with a necklace with a small pendant.

Thanks to her pose, her cleavage was left on full display.

Many of Josephine’s fans responded to her captions about sharing food.

“Am I the only one thinking of Joey #friends#joeydoesntsharefood,” asked a fan.

“Girl, you’re not alone,” responded another fan.

Some people replied that they are not the type to share.

“There is no ‘we’ in food,” joked a follower.

“My best friend doesn’t keep anything for me when I share.. Eats all of it,” complained another follower.

On the other hand, it sounded like many people were on the same page as the model.

“Yeah of course we share everything We’re like the lady and the tramp sharing spaghetti,” said a fan.

“Is cotton candy qualified as food?” wondered another fan, who was seemingly distracted by the photo.

Others noted that they were looking forward to the new upload.

“Can’t wait for surprise video,” said a fan.

Plus, there were some people that focused on her ensemble.

“Is that bra from Victoria’s Secret???” asked a fan.

“Omg your bralette is so cute!!!” exclaimed another fan.

A good number of her followers focused on Skriver’s good looks.


“Tooooo pretttyyyyyy,” said another fan.

In addition, there was a fan who had a special request.

“Can I get a belated birthday,” they wondered.

Skriver posted another update from late August, which showed her working out at the gym. Skriver donned an entirely black outfit. It included a black crop tank and super tight leggings.

The post included a video of the model doing exercises with a bar, which had small weights on the ends. She wore her hair back in a casual ponytail, and worked her arms.

Josephine stood in front of a cement block wall, and was surrounded on both sides by large punching bags.