September 6, 2019
'Teen Mom 2' Star Leah Messer's Pregnancy Pic Causes Mass Confusion On Instagram: Find Out What's Going On

Leah Messer has caused some major confusion on Instagram. The Teen Mom 2 star took to the platform earlier today with a triple and very pregnancy-centric update showing hands placed on a baby bump. The hands belonged to both a female and a male behind her. A quick swipe to the right showed a lunar quote, with fans swiping all the way to the right seeing a pregnant woman shot in semi-profile on a beach. The redheaded lady wasn't easily identifiable.

It takes a major Teen Mom nut to know that Leah's sister is pregnant. As The Inquisitr reported just under 24 hours ago, Leah's sister, Victoria, is expecting with a man she met during her Costa Rica vacation earlier this year. While the news from The Inquisitr had included mentions that Victoria's pregnancy storyline would feature on the MTV series, Leah herself had yet to take to Instagram to make any mention of it.

It looks like Leah's post about her sister has done just that, although the comments section is seeing fans doing a major double-take.

A comment receiving 83 likes in three hours seemed to speak for the masses.

"At first I thought this was going to be an announcement about you & Jeremy," a fan wrote.

"Um NO," Leah herself replied.

Many other replies came in querying whether Leah herself was pregnant. Clearly, not everyone had read the star's caption.

"For a sec I thought u were expecting lol," one fan wrote.

"Omg thought this was you!!! Lol!!!" another added.

Not all comments were filled with praise, though. A reply racking up 71 likes seemed to be slamming Victoria.

"Well this is awkward. So her married sister got pregnant in a one night stand in Costa Rica. Ya'll making West Virginia proud," the follower wrote.

For the most part, though, replies either seemed to express confusion and hope that Leah and her ex, Jeremy Calvert, might reunite, or they offered overall congratulations.

As fans are likely aware, the Costa Rica trip that's seen Victoria become an expectant mother included Leah and co-star Kailyn Lowry. What appeared less-known amid today's fans, was that Victoria had tagged along and struck up a bond (and a resulting pregnancy) with a man she met there.

The MTV franchise's cast is known for posting joke pregnancy announcements. Kailyn has done it herself this year, with former cast member Jenelle Evans also seen doing it. Leah tends not to. Her post today was proof that pregnancy announcements from this star are real.

Despite what was clearly a confirmation from Leah that she wasn't the woman featured in the photos, fans seemed convinced that it might be her.

"Dammnnn I thought this was you and Jeremy!!! I just got way too excited for this," one fan wrote.

Leah is a mother-of-three. The star shot to fame on MTV's 16 and Pregnant before becoming a core member of Teen Mom 2. Fans wishing to see more of Leah should tune into Teen Mom 2 or follow the star's Instagram.