September 6, 2019
Jamie Lyn Rinaldi Grinds Down Instagram In Glitter String Bikini While Grabbing Her Butt Poolside

Jamie Lyn Rinaldi knows how to work the camera. The fitness model and social media sensation has racked up 321,000 Instagram followers on account of her sizzling updates. While many posts from this American model come straight from the gym, Jamie Lyn is fast-rising as one of the platform's top swimwear models. The star's latest update seems proof that her popularity is on the up precisely because of her killer bikini body.

Jamie's photo showed her photographed from behind as she turned around just at the right time. With the camera taking in Jamie's curves from behind, fans were likely glad that the beauty had whipped her head around just as the lens clicked.

The snap saw Jamie Lyn outdoors, posing by the poolside as she was dressed for the water. Jamie was flaunting her eye-popping curves in a tiny blue string bikini, with its dangerous look showcasing the star's curves to the max. With a pastel color palette and glitter on the fabric, though, this bikini was also ticking boxes for being light and summery. Jamie posed for her photo with her long hair down, her arm tattoos on show, and two hands placed around her peachy rear. The star's left hand, in particular, seemed geared towards getting fans to eye up her fit and curvy posterior.

It looks like the update proved a hit. It racked up over 10,000 likes – for a model with just over 320,000 followers, that's some pretty impressive engagement. The post also brought over 277 fans into the comments section.

Cheeky as this model's updates may be, it isn't all thong-flaunting and cleavage-flashing for Jamie Lyn. An Instagram post showing the model in sensual and feminine lingerie included a caption reminding fans that Jamie Lyn's self-love and motivational streaks are alive and well.

"Remind yourself of what you've been able to overcome. All the times you felt like you weren't going to make it through, you proved yourself wrong. You're more powerful than you think", she wrote to accompany the image.

Rinaldi has also been known to get her followers talking by posting interactive captions. An Instagram post made in July appeared to do just this.

"Your mind is a very powerful weapon, use it wisely. I've been really into podcasts recently if you have any recommendations drop a comment below," read her caption, which drove fans to the comment section.

Alongside modeling her own swimwear and lingerie choices, Jamie Lyn also works as a promoter for athletic-centric brands, plus well-known brand KO Watches. Fans wishing to see more of the model should follow her Instagram.