September 6, 2019
'General Hospital' Spoilers: Nelle Has A Plan Involving Shiloh & 'Wiley' While Brad's Panic Steadily Increases

Friday's episode of General Hospital was filled with major developments. Brad did Obrecht's bidding in hopes that she'll stay quiet about the baby swap, Sasha has recovered and Nelle had an interesting discussion with Shiloh. Spoilers tease that viewers have quite a bit to look forward to as Nelle implements her latest scheme and everybody is hoping the baby swap reveal is truly on the horizon.

Nelle had the opportunity to talk with Shiloh again during Friday's episode and obviously, she has the upper hand here. Shiloh may think he's a master manipulator, but Nelle could probably dance circles around him in this regard. She knows that Shiloh thinks "Wiley" is his biological son, but Nelle knows it's really her son Jonah.

As the two chatted, Nelle said she'd learned a lot from Harmony and told Shiloh she had a plan that would get him his son as well as the shares of ELQ that Oscar left him in his will. How does Nelle plan to accomplish this? Viewers know that Shiloh would probably be wise to be skeptical of Nelle promising to help, but he may not be able to resist.

The sneak peek for Monday's show suggested that fans will have to wait until later next week to see what comes next on this front. However, General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps do reveal a few hints.

Brad will be doing a lot of scrambling next week and General Hospital spoilers indicate that he'll be worried enough to make a big move. As The Inquisitr previously shared, Brad will tell someone the full truth about Wiley. It's not known for certain yet, but teasers suggest that it may be Julian to whom he tells.

Obrecht won't be done asking Brad for favors, as General Hospital spoilers reveal that she'll reach out to him again during the episode airing on Monday, September 16. A couple of days after that, Shiloh will make a phone call to someone.

Peter will be lurking around, trying to figure out how to get out from under Shiloh's pressure. Viewers have previously seen that this action seems to be overlapping with the Andre and Drew chaos.

Shiloh will be testifying in his defense on Friday, September 20, which means he'll be stuck at Pentonville at least that much longer. General Hospital spoilers hint that Nelle and Ryan will spend more time together this fall, but it seems that she'll be heavily focused on Shiloh.

Fans have been speculating for some time now that Nelle might manage to escape Pentonville with the goal of grabbing Jonah and going on the run. Some wondered if she'd partner with Ryan to do that, and that could be the case. However, it seems that now Shiloh will be involved in whatever she does next and it may be that Nelle promises that she can get Shiloh his "son" and ELQ shares if he helps her escape.

Ultimately, of course, Nelle doesn't want Jonah with Shiloh. She nearly told Michael the truth when she realized there was a connection there, but ultimately, she held off. Granted, she doesn't want her son with Michael and his family either and she's not about to hand her biological son over to Shiloh either.

The current General Hospital spoilers and the timeline hint that it may take until the November sweeps period for this to finally explode in full. Luckily, that is really right around the corner and fans will be eager to see how all of these loose ends ultimately end up tied together and resolving this lingering storyline.