September 6, 2019
Demi Rose Lets It All Hang Out In Red Sequined Bikini

Demi Rose Mawby has been sharing photos from her time at the Burning Man festival, and they have all been about as unique as one would expect from the social media sensation. On Friday, Demi updated her Instagram account with another set of photos from the event, and they could be her most revealing yet.

In the snaps, Demi wore a bikini top that consisted of two red, sequined hearts, with one heart covering a portion of each breast. The hearts were held in place with thin straps that connected to an underwire piece that was embellished with strings of small red hearts and black spades. The skimpy top left most of her chest exposed. Demi wore equally revealing bikini bottoms, but they were mostly obscured by her waist pack. However, it appeared that they were also adorned with the same type of heart and spade decoration.

Demi added a bit of glam to the look by wearing a red-and-black shawl over her shoulders. She also wore a pair of red-and-black cowboy boots. The model accessorized the look with a pair of gold earrings adorned with red hearts. She also sported a pair of black sunglasses with red trim. She carried a red paper fan in her hand. Her hair was in two braids, with one over each shoulder. With her face fully made up with a bright red lip, Demi looked stunning.

The model struck a variety of poses in the snaps. A couple of shots showed her from the front, which gave her followers a good look at her costume and her fabulous figure. In another photo, Demi knelt on one knee and fanned herself, giving viewers a nice shot of chest. Demi also shared photos of her with other pretty women who were also wearing elaborate costumes.

The post was popular, raking in more than 100,000 likes and over 700 comments within an hour of posting.

Fans left dozens of fire emoji in the post's comment section. Some fans felt compelled to comment on the model's revealing costume, while others couldn't help but comment on what was underneath the ensemble.

"Breaking hearts," one follower quipped.

"I mean come on!!" said another fan.

"You are the hottest person on Instagram," another admirer told the model.

The beauty certainly knows how to get the attention of her followers.

Fans who want to keep up with Demi's adventures can follow her Instagram account.