September 6, 2019
Ted Cruz Slams Elizabeth Warren's Opposition To Nuclear Power: 'It's Empty Politics'

During CNN's climate change town hall on Wednesday, Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren confirmed that she would not build any nuclear power plants during her presidency, citing risks associated with these plants, such as the purported danger of the storage of spent fuel rods.

In response, Texas Senator Ted Cruz blasted her on Twitter, suggesting that her response was "not serious."

"Ok, so NO nuclear, NO coal & NO oil & gas. Electric's ok, but all power plants that run on coal or natural gas (most of them) will be shut down too. Planes, I guess, will run on Pixie dust & you'll put a windmill on the hood of your car. This is not serious; it's empty politics."
Both Warren and Bernie Sanders have disavowed nuclear power and said that existing nuclear power plants should be dismantled — a move Ryan Cooper's The Week column suggests is a misstep. He highlights the near-zero-emissions of nuclear power and contrasts the worst nuclear accident, Chernobyl, with the 3.6 premature deaths caused each year by fossil-fuel air pollution.

Regardless, Cooper highlights the reality that nuclear is not a be-all and end-all solution and points to the complicated, regulated nature of nuclear power plants, which makes them difficult to finance and insure.

According to The Brown Daily Herald, one of the dangers of nuclear energy is that it makes an excellent cover for a weapons program.

"It's only a matter of time until another nation successfully turns their nuclear energy program into a weapons program," writes Andrew Reed.

He adds that as nuclear energy becomes cheaper and more widely used, more countries around the world will have the capacity to manufacture nuclear weapons.

"And when that happens, the probability of nuclear war increases," he writes.

As for Cruz, he recently made headlines when he and Alyssa Milano got into a Twitter argument over gun control. Per The Inquisitr, Cruz dropped a biblical tweetstorm on the liberal activist, and she responded by challenging him to a debate on the issue. The Texas Senator agreed and the pair are reportedly planning the meeting on Tuesday.

The pair's gun control conversation comes in the wake of the West Texas mass shooting and not long after the back-to-back El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio mass shootings, which have sparked renewed calls for tighter gun control. Following the West Texas shooting, Walmart is no longer selling certain kinds of gun and ammunition, which has prompted criticism from the right.