September 6, 2019
'Sports Illustrated' Model Olivia Brower Falls Out Of String Bikini

Olivia Brower thrilled her fans with an Instagram update in which she wore a tiny bikini that hardly covered her.

The photo showed Brower on the beach laying on her belly wearing a pink string bikini. She leaned on both of her hands, a pose that put her extreme cleavage on display. The snap also showed her perky derrière as well as her slim waist. Brower was wet, looking as if she had just taken a swim. Her bronzed, damp skin glowed in the sun. Her long hair was tossed over one shoulder as she gave the camera a sultry look.

The photo was taken during the Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Issue photoshoot over the summer, and Brower's fans loved it.

"Wow!" was all one admirer managed to write. Another fan told the model she made his day, while another one told her she was a goddess.

"So incredibly beautiful and gorgeous," one admirer wrote.

"I would have babies with you!!" one fan joked.

Brower spoke about her experience with Sports Illustrated in an interview with Fox News and said shooting with the team was wonderful experience. The shoot took place in the Bahamas, and Brower said that she had never seen such a beautiful place.

The beauty said that it was important to her to be included in an issue that celebrated diversity with photos of models in every size. She also said that in the fashion industry, women can face criticism for not looking a certain way, adding that she thought every body is beautiful.

"To be part of a magazine that celebrates that and embraces that is just so wonderful," he said.

When asked if she felt pressure to look a certain way, she said that she didn't as much as she used to.

"I think now I've grown enough where I can look in the mirror and am able to say, 'I am healthy and beautiful for me,'" she said.

"I learned that comparing myself is not going to get me anywhere. And it's not a healthy state of mind. I really hope that other women reading and looking at the magazine can see that."
She also said that the opinions of others don't bother her as much as they did in the past, adding that she has learned to be happy with herself as she is.

Brower certainly seems confident and happy in her photos.

Fans wanting to see more of Brower can follow her Instagram account.