September 6, 2019
WWE Rumors: Brand-New Writer For 'SmackDown Live' Fell Asleep Backstage On His First Day

There have been a lot of shake-ups and plenty of movement backstage in WWE this past week. As reported by The Inquisitr, three shows have brand-new head writers and that include Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live. While it seems like a bit of a mess all over the place, it is the blue brand that seems to be in the biggest trouble and that includes a new writer who fell asleep backstage during his first day on the job.

Both Raw and SmackDown Live have new head writers to go along with new executive directors who came in weeks ago. Paul Heyman is handling things on Monday evenings while Eric Bischoff is still learning the ropes of all things WWE with the blue brand on Tuesday nights.

The Wrap reported that Ryan Ward was out as head writer of SmackDown and that he was currently on "personal leave," but nothing more than that was said. Ed Koskey replaced him as head writer for the blue brand with numerous other writers working underneath him and Bischoff.

Both Heyman and Bischoff have had say in some of those working with them, and they've even made some hires of their own. Unfortunately for Bischoff, he appeared to make a hire that hasn't made a good first impression with anyone in WWE.

Eric Bischoff heads to the ring on

The Wrap reported that this whole creative team shake-up comes about due to questions about Bischoff's leadership ability for SmackDown Live. An insider reported that the former WCW giant hired former Sons of Anarchy writer Stevie Long to work on the writing team for the blue brand, but it didn't go so well.

Longtime WWE producer Michael "P.S." Hayes reportedly found Long sleeping soundly in the writers' room on his very first day on the job. As of this writing, Long is said to still be employed by WWE, but this was not a good way to start things out.

Long's manager has not yet issued a comment and Bischoff declined to do so in regard to this situation.

Many had issues with how the approaches of Heyman and Bischoff differed when they were hired for their new positions. It is a bit understandable, though, as Heyman has been with WWE for years and Bischoff needs to become reacquainted with how everything works within the company.

Unfortunately, this latest hire of the new writer who fell asleep on his first day on the job is not helping matters much. WWE has a lot of big things happening in the coming months, and Vince McMahon wants everything working at the highest level with very few issues. If that means shaking up the entire writing team, it is obvious that is what's going to happen.