Antonio Brown Is Acting Like He Doesn’t Want To Play Football Anymore, Ryan Leaf Says

Christian PetersenGetty Images

Update: Antonio Brown has been released by the Oakland Raiders, according to a new report by The Inquisitr.

The notorious former NFL quarterback said this week that it looks like the All-Pro wide receiver has lost his desire to play football — something Leaf said he went through himself during his troubled time in the league. Amid reports that the Oakland Raiders were planning to suspend Brown after an altercation with general manager Mike Mayock, Leaf said he believes Brown may be done with the sport in general.

“It just seems like [Antonio Brown] doesn’t want to play football anymore,” Leaf shared on Twitter. “All evidence points to that. I can completely relate to his behavior. I behaved the same way…playing the victim and I never had near his talent. Personal accountability is such an attribute. I hope he finds it soon.”

Brown has gone through a troubled stretch that started during the end of his time with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Brown was suspended for the team’s final game last year after getting into a spat with quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and then skipping a team walkthrough. Brown missed the critical game, which the Steelers needed to win for their narrow path to making the playoffs, and then made it clear he wanted out of Pittsburgh.

But things did not get any easier for Brown after being traded to the Oakland Raiders. He sat out for several weeks in protest after the NFL took his preferred helmet off the list of approved headgear, and this week put the team on blast on Instagram in posting a letter from Mayock detailing more than $50,000 in fines he received for missing team activities.

Leaf is not the only one who thinks that Brown may simply be done playing football. Andy Nesbitt of USA Today’s For The Win also noted that the string of off-the-field problems for Brown signal that he may no longer want to be an NFL player. The QB faces an uncertain future, with some NFL writers reporting that the Raiders are exploring whether they can void his contract and cut ties with Brown.

Even if Brown still does want to play in the NFL, it’s not clear if he can get past the off-the-field issues, Nesbitt wrote.

“But here’s what we do know – the way he’s handled all of this has been awful and it doesn’t feel like something that’s going to go away in Oakland, no matter if the Raiders suspend him or not,” he wrote.

There are still some signs that Antonio Brown could remain in Oakland. As The Inquisitr reported, agent Drew Rosenhaus said he and Brown have not yet heard a decision from the team, and he is working to repair the relationship between the two sides.