September 6, 2019
Bella Hadid Bursts Out Of Low-Cut Top In Throwback Shot & Instagram Goes Crazy

Model Bella Hadid is certainly not afraid to flaunt her incredible body in skimpy attire. The brunette bombshell alternates between sharing high fashion shots with her 25.7 million Instagram followers and sharing sizzling selfies of herself in bikinis and other barely-there outfits.

In her latest post, Hadid combined the best of both worlds by sharing a snap that had a bit of an artistic, high fashion vibe, but showed off some of her assets in a majorly sexy way.

The snap was taken by a photographer named Julia, who is the talent behind the studio Oversleeping Beauty, and seems to take plenty of shots of celebrities.

In the picture, Hadid was gazing off into the distance towards the ceiling. She had on a semi-sheer blouse with a plunging neckline that had her cleavage nearly bursting out of the top. She carried a bag with a thin chain purse, which was propped on one shoulder, and her hair was in loose curls. Hadid's makeup was natural and flawless, with long lashes and a hint of pink gloss.

The background of the shot was dark, so it was tough to see exactly where Hadid was standing, but the focal point in the photo was her curves.

Hadid mentioned in the caption that the shot was taken about a year ago. While it's not as much of a throwback as some of the other snaps she has been sharing lately, in honor of a loss in her family, it shows Hadid reflecting on the past in a more lighthearted way.

Instagram went absolutely nuts over the picture. The post received over 134,000 likes within less than 20 minutes, including a like from Hadid's sister, fellow model Gigi Hadid. Her followers couldn't get enough of her curves, and told her so in the comments section.

"Honestly this look? You killed it," one fan said.

Another follower called her "a literal angel."

"THAT'S MY IMAGINARY WIFE Y'ALL," another fan said.

Many of her followers simply left a string of emoji in the comments section to express their appreciation for Hadid's generous curves.

The model shares many selfies, but she also finds plenty of time to pose with her sister, Gigi. The duo walked the red carpet together at the MTV VMAs recently, and both rocked monochromatic outfits in shades of beige. While the colors in their ensembles didn't exactly pop on the red carpet, the interesting details and cuts of their outfits showcased their toned physiques and had fans drooling.