September 6, 2019
'Big Brother' Fans Blast Cliff Hogg & Nicole Anthony After Boneheaded Double Eviction Move

Big Brother fans are speaking out after the double eviction episode that some are dubbing "Revenge of the Nerds." After Nicole Anthony won a puzzle-themed Head of Household competition, fellow underdog Cliff Hogg pulled off a Power of Veto win.

But instead of making a big move and breaking up power couple Jackson Michie and Holly Allen, Cliff kept Nicole's "safe" HOH nominations — Christie Murphy and Tommy Bracco — intact and Christie went home.

In her exit interview with Big Brother host Julie Chen, Christie expressed confusion as to why Nicole targeted her and kept super couple Jackson and Holly instead.

"I was really surprised," Christie said, per Gold Derby. "I can't say I'm that surprised because this is Big Brother and you have to expect it...I just don't see how getting me out is best for her game. Michie's going to win! He deserves it. He's amazing, he's winning comps and he's actually a genius. I don't think he's as dumb as he says."

Many fans took to social media to blast Nicole and Cliff for not making a power move now that the Big Brother game is down to the final five. Indeed, Cliff's Power of Veto win was even more valuable than Nicole's Head of Household because it would have given him the opportunity to backdoor competition beast Michie, who has already won multiple HOH and Veto competitions.

Now, Michie and his girlfriend Holly are eligible to play in the next Head of Household competition, while Nicole isn't.

"Cliff and Nicole are so dumb welcome to 4th and 3rd place dumba**'s," one Big Brother fan tweeted.

You can see more fan reaction to Cliff and Nicole's Big Brother gameplay below.

Of course, Big Brother fans know Cliff and Nicole have a final four deal with Michie and Holly, but at this point, the alliances will have to start turning on one another. Nicole still stands a chance, but even if the power players were to take Cliff under their wing, they'd be foolish to take him to the finale. Cliff is one of the nicest guys ever to play Big Brother, and he would be hard to beat in the jury vote because he made few waves and actually did win some competitions, so he can't even be classified as a floater.

While Cliff has come a long way as one of the oldest players ever on Big Brother (he's 53), he may soon find out the hard way that nice guys finish last.

Big Brother airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays on CBS.