September 6, 2019
Hungarian Bombshell Zita Vass 'Woke Up In Vegas' In A Sheer Bikini

Hungarian bombshell Zita Vass knows how to party hard. The Guess girl confessed in a new Instagram post that the last thing she remembered was living it up at the Burning Man Festival in the Northwestern desert of Nevada. Cut to this morning, and she's somehow in Las Vegas -- she just doesn't know how she got there.

Nonetheless, the newly blonde stunner adapted to her new holiday locale, and quickly changed into a sheer-paneled bikini to relax by the pool. Fortunately, the model and actress kindly decided to treat her 711,000 followers to a triple-post update while in the bikini.

In the first shot, Zita faces the camera straight on, to give her audience full view of her incredible hourglass figure. The bikini she wears is white and features numerous stripes with sheer mesh paneling in between, giving glimpses of her ample cleavage. The bikini bottom features the same cage-inspired cut. Her lightened locks are pulled back into a boho style braid, and she completes the look with a pair of rhinestone sunglasses.

The second picture is a close up shot of Zita from the side, where she showcases the curve of her breasts to the viewer. Last is an encore of the first, as Zita lives it up at the Wynn pool.

The update earned over 3,200 likes and more than 110 comments within hours after being posted.

"So ridiculously pretty," gushed Irish model Tiffany Stanley

"Lmao this caption is unreal," laughed lifestyle coach Candace Smith.

"Oh boy. At least you look [bomb] doing it," added social media star Arielle Ray, adding a bomb emoji.

The stunner only recently went blonde for an Americana-themed shoot for Guess. Previously, she had been a brunette, as seen in an Instagram picture where the model wears a sheer paneled corset.

Her caption, in which she claimed that happiness was "good health" paired with a "bad memory," seemed particularly apt considering her wild weekend.

Though the blonde bombshell may give off the party vibes, she also has a strong work ethic. The California native -- who boasts Hungarian parents -- first found fame working in the recurring role of Destiny in Californication with David Duchovny, and has appeared in shows such as How I Met Your Mother and Big Time Rush.

She has also earned contracts with companies such as Sears, Uniqlo, and Bebe.

Since her Vegas sojourn, Zita confessed that she had to fly to San Francisco to retrieve her phone, which she said somehow got lost in all the fun.