September 6, 2019
Tammy Hembrow Flaunts Sculpted Figure In Workout Video Clips

Tammy Hembrow took to popular social media platform Instagram on Thursday to show her millions of followers how it's done in the gym with a two-part video post.

In the videos, the Instagram model leaves little of her sculpted figure to the imagination in a light pink sports bra and mini shorts. The low-cut bra leaves much of the model's busty cleavage on display while the high-waisted booty shorts show off her ample backside, muscular thighs, and toned abdomen. The 25-year-old completes her workout outfit with white socks and sneakers and her long, blonde locks pulled back into a tight and low bun.

In the first video, Tammy shows her followers how to do backwards lunges with a bar weight across her shoulders. With her back turned towards the camera, the model works her thighs and glutes, flaunting her muscular booty with each lunge. She also shows off her sculpted back and arm muscles.

In the second video, the mother of two moves on to free weights, performing sets of side lunges while holding the weights in front of her, between her legs. With her front facing the camera this time, the model gives her followers an eyeful of her chiseled abs, strong thighs, and ample chest.

Throughout the video clips, viewers can see a shaker filled with BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids), designed to help with recovery and muscle growth, especially after a heavy workout. Tammy promotes the brand Women's Best on her Instagram page, and enjoys their workout products and nutrition.

In the caption of the post, the fitness guru gives her followers a piece of motivational advice, telling them that they may not always have the motivation when it comes time to train but that they need to find the determination and consistency to make working out a habit. She ends by telling them not to just think about working out when they wake up, but to actually get up and go to the gym.

As with all of her Instagram posts, the model's 9.8 million followers couldn't get enough of the video clips, leaving her over 1,300 comments in the first 12 hours of being posted in addition to almost 200,000 likes. Many of them thanked her for her inspirational wisdom and for encouraging them to reach their own goals while others gushed over her beauty and sexy figure.

"This is the type of content I miss from you babe, looking fire love," one Instagram user commented, adding a few fire emoji.