Leah Messer's Bombshell 'Teen Mom 2' Storyline: Sister Victoria Pregnant With Third Baby After Costa Rica Trip

Leah Messer has been appearing on Teen Mom 2 for nearly a decade. The mom-of-three is set to return to the show for an all-new season airing Tuesday, September 10, on MTV and a new report from Us Weekly reveals just what Leah's storyline will entail. As it turns out, a big part of her story will focus on sister Victoria Messer's third pregnancy.

A source close to the reality show star spoke to the site and revealed that Victoria has been filming with Leah for the new season. However, while Victoria has appeared on the show with her sister in the past, this season it seems like she may play a bigger role in Leah's storyline than she has in the past.

"Victoria is pregnant. The dad is from the trip that Leah and her sister went on to Costa Rica with Kailyn Lowry," the source said.

Fans may recall that earlier this year, Leah Messer and Kailyn Lowry traveled to Costa Rica for a vacation. It turns out that Leah's sister went with them and that is where she met the father of her third child. The source said that Victoria and the man had an "instantaneous connection."

Victoria has a daughter with her first husband, Brian Jones, as well as a daughter with her second husband. Her divorce from her second husband, Domenick Crapello, was finalized this week.

The Ashley's Reality Roundup spoke to a source that talked more about Leah's storyline for the new season.
"MTV has filmed at Victoria's divorce hearings, and they even planned to film her and Leah going down to Costa Rica recently to see [the baby's father]. The only reason they didn't film in Costa Rica was because the budget for it was cut. They knew this was way juicier than anything Leah has going on currently, so they turned it into a story line for Leah, since she's 'supporting' her sister through this."
Leah has traveled back to Costa Rica with her sister since the initial trip. She shared a photo of her feet buried in the sand last month on Instagram.
Although Leah's storyline will reportedly be about her "supporting" her sister, The Ashley's source claimed that Leah wasn't exactly happy that her sister was pregnant again. Reportedly, the mom-of-three was upset that her sister didn't "learn from Leah's mistakes."

Leah is also the mother of three young children. She was first introduced to audiences on her Season 2 episode of 16 and Pregnant. On the show, she found out she was pregnant with twin daughters. She and Corey Simms welcomed their daughters in December of 2009. The two married, but divorced shortly after. Leah then moved on with Jeremy Calvert and the two have one daughter together. The two also married, but eventually divorced as well.

The new season of Teen Mom 2 will premiere on MTV next week. Fans can tune in to all-new episodes on Tuesday, September 10.