September 6, 2019
Donald Trump Trails Joe Biden Badly In Wisconsin, New Poll Reveals, Latest Crucial State That Looks To Flip

In the 2016 election, Wisconsin was one of the key states in which Donald Trump scored a narrow, surprise victory over Democrat Hillary Clinton, winning by just a single percentage point, as results posted by Politico show. The state's 10 Electoral College votes were instrumental in Trump's ability to exceed the required 270, and finish with 304 to Clinton's 227.

But according to a new poll released in Thursday by Marquette University Law School, the state which prior to 2016 had been won by a Democrat in seven straight presidential elections is prepared to flip back into the Democratic column, at least if current frontrunner Joe Biden wins the nomination. The poll gives Biden, the former U.S. vice president, 51 percent of the prospective vote in Wisconsin, in a head-to-head matchup with Trump, who garners just 42. That's a sizable nine-point margin for Biden.

In the Marquette University poll, only one other Democratic candidate tops Trump in the state. But Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders beats Trump in the state by only 4 percentage points, 48-44. Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren and California Senator Kamala Harris each polled in a tie with Trump in Wisconsin, according to Marquette University's findings.

The new poll is just the latest danger sign for Trump in his 2020 re-election bid, as polls not only show Biden leading Trump by significant margins in all 19 polls since the former Delaware senator announced his candidacy on April 25, as The Inquisitr reported, but Biden also leads in several states that Trump will need to win, in order to score another Electoral College victory.

Joe Biden points.
Getty Images | Sean Rayford
Joe Biden now leads Donald Trump in several key states.

About a week ago, a new poll in Michigan showed Biden leading that crucial state by 10 points, as The Inquisitr reported. Michigan carries 16 electoral votes. Combined with Wisconsin's votes, that would give Biden 258 electoral votes, meaning that he would need only 12 more to win the election. Clinton won 232 electoral votes, but lost five to "faithless electors" who refused to vote for her.

Those votes could come from Ohio, where no poll has been released since July 23. But in that Quinnipiac poll, Biden led Trump by a healthy eight-point margin. If that poll is an indicator of Biden's chances there, he stands to claim all 18 of the state's electoral votes.

In other words, even if Biden were to "flip" no other states outside of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Ohio, he would finish with 276 Electoral College votes, six more than needed to win the presidency.

But Biden also leads in other 2016 Trump states as well. In Arizona, as The Inquisitr has reported, where Trump beat Clinton by 4.1 percentage points, Biden led by two points in an OH Predictive Insights poll. Adding Arizona's 11 votes would bring Biden's total to 288.

Biden also led in a May Quinnipiac poll poll taken in Pennsylvania, according to RealClear Politics, by an 11-point margin. That state's 20 votes would give Biden 308, more than Trump was able to collect in 2016.