September 6, 2019
Eminem's Daughter Hailie Jade Sizzles In 'Thirsty Thursday' Snap

Rapper Eminem's daughter Hailie Jade may not have quite as many followers as her famous father — she has 1.7 Instagram followers versus her father's 26 million. However, she has an eager audience who always wants to see her latest posts, even though she has a relatively small number at just 150 total posts on her Instagram page.

In her most recent Instagram update, Hailie shared a snap of herself out and about at a Detroit-area spot, Beyond Juicery + Eatery. The gorgeous brunette rocked a pair of high-waisted faded jeans and a tucked-in black tee that hugged all her curves. She accessorized with two delicate necklaces, a silver watch, a simple black bag and a pair of white sneakers to complete the ensemble. Hailie's brunette locks were down in waves, and she rocked a natural yet flawless makeup look that had her fans gasping at her beauty.

Hailie had a beverage in her hands as she stared straight into the camera, and joked about it being "thirsty Thursday" in the caption of the post. Her followers absolutely loved the fun snap, and the post received over 51,000 likes within just two hours. It seems that Hailie's followers just can't get enough of her on Instagram.

The babe's followers filled the comments section of the post with compliments and questions for the young woman.

"Nobody does it like Hailie," one fan said.

Another fan told Hailie that they "love the simplicity of this photo natural beauty," and ended by asking her what her favorite drink was at Starbucks.

A third fan wondered how exactly Hailie could just show up at a juice bar on a regular day and not attract far too many fans.

"How do you not get swarmed by people at a restaurant? Do you have bodyguards I guess that shoo all the regular folks away?"
Fans who just can't get enough of Eminem's daughter should make sure to check out not just her Instagram pictures, but also her Instagram Story highlights. In her Stories, she shares plenty of things that she's passionate about.

It turns out the brunette bombshell is a big fan of healthy eating and fitness and shares everything from her breakfast to her fitness routine.

In fact, the beauty often even posts the exact workout she does with the number of reps and sets so that her fans can potentially follow in her footsteps and complete the same workout. She puts in plenty of time at the gym to sculpt her killer physique and is constantly sharing stories that feature her insane body in tight workout gear.