Fans Want CPS Called On Farrah Abraham After Daughter Sophia's Altered Appearance Sparks Worry

Rebecca Cukier (old)

Farrah Abraham's daughter Sophia has sparked concern. The 10-year-old child to the former Teen Mom OG star has her own Instagram, which allows fans to keep tabs on the various activities filling her life.

Sophia recently updated her account with a video ahead of New York Fashion Week. The only daughter to Farrah had gone down the promotional route a bit with her content, but fan comments weren't honing in on that aspect of it. The comments section to Sophia's video quickly filled up with remarks centering around what appeared to be her blue contact lenses – Sophia does not naturally have blue eyes.

The backlash was immense, as some fans wanted Child Protective Services called.

One of the most upvoted comments got straight to it, with over 72 fans upvoting the comment.

"Where is the family for Sophia? Why are they not calling CPS? #SaveSophia."

"10 years old and already altering her appearance...well done Farrah," the user wrote, with over 126 users liking the comment.

"Too lil to wear those fake eyes. Poor child," read another popular comment.

"Why the f is she wearing colored contacts?" another user asked.

Unfortunately for Farrah, the mentions of Child Protective Services weren't just upvoted, as there were multiple comments to that effect. One user echoed the prior-mentioned response.

"Are you not even slightly concerned about the wellbeing of @sophialabraham?? @farrahabraham is destroying this poor child!!! #CPS #ChildProtectiveServices #SaveSophia #LetKidsbeKIDS"

Fans wishing to see more of Farrah and Sophia should follow their Instagram accounts.