Amber Heard’s X-Rated Topless Photo Slammed, Own Fans Predict Instagram Ban

Amber Heard attends A24/DIRECTV's "The Adderall Diaires" Premiere at ArcLight Hollywood on April 12, 2016
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Amber Heard is getting slammed. The Justice League actress took to Instagram earlier today with a very revealing and risqué photo — the 33-year-old had gone classy with a professionally-shot photo and mentioned a recent magazine interview, but her topless photo exposing her breasts underneath an open jacket stood out for many users.

The photo showed Amber shot in black-and-white. The star had been photographed relatively close up, with her dark blazer proving stylish, although the image’s focus on nudity was significant. The blonde was looking right at the camera with a direct gaze from behind wet-effect hair – many fans might argue that the photo was shot tastefully.

While some fans gave Amber the thumbs-up through their comments, it did appear that the star and ex to Johnny Depp was getting slammed within relatively little time of the post going live.

“Unfortunately Instagram will destroy this photo,” read a comment racking up 187 likes in under half an hour.

While this remark didn’t appear to slam the star, others did.

“Don’t take pictures like this,” one fan wrote.

“Top Hollywood actresses don’t show their breasts,” another said.

“Posting this type of stuff is just…” said one fan, seemingly a little lost for words.

Many remarks came in suggesting that Amber’s photo might be deleted, with a fair few users even questioning if Amber herself might be banned from the platform as a result of posting it.

“I hope Instagram doesn’t block you since they are very strict,” one fan wrote, before stating that they happened to find the image beautiful.

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“You about to get suspended,” read another comment.

Given the influx of negative responses within the first hour of the image going live, it did seem that Amber wasn’t getting the most positive feedback.


“They’re taking this down,” said one fan, who predicted that the snap wouldn’t be floating around the digital space for very long, with many other comments appearing to echo the sentiment.

Amber seems to receive a fair amount of backlash from her fans. In August, the star updated her account with a laundry-centric caption as she donned a designer Valentino gown. As The Inquisitr reported, fans found the image to be in ill taste.

Despite the backlash today, Amber’s photo did rack up likes — over 60,000 were clocked within just 30 minutes of the post going live. The same timeframe brought over 2,400 fans into the comments section. A quick scroll through these comments, however, more than shows that this update wasn’t one of Amber’s most popular.