‘Big Brother 21’ Spoilers: An Eviction Plan Appears Set But ‘BB21’ Players Do Face Surprises Thursday

Jackson Michie competes on 'Big Brother 21'

Big Brother 21 spoilers from the live feeds indicate that there has been a lot of talk among various houseguests leading up to Thursday night’s eviction. Jessica Milagros and Cliff Hogg are on the block and Jess has been doing her best to get the votes to stay. Has it worked?

As The Inquisitr previously detailed, Jess and Christie Murphy were putting a great deal of pressure on Nicole Anthony to try to get her to flip her vote. Nicole is very tight with Cliff, but Jess and Christie knew their best chance at getting Cliff evicted was to get Nicole to vote against him.

Nicole didn’t flat-out reject the plan that Jess and Christie proposed. However, Big Brother spoilers note that she talked extensively with Jackson Michie as well as Cliff, and it doesn’t look as if she’ll be bailing on her established alliance.

According to Twitter spoiler account @BB_Updates, both Tommy Bracco and Christie admitted after all of the game talk that Nicole would probably stick with evicting Jess. Nicole hasn’t told Jess that explicitly, but even Jess knows that’s probably how things will go. Jess kept trying to navigate a different outcome while chatting with Jackson, but at this point, it doesn’t seem that she’s been successful.

Given that, it’s possible that even Christie and Tommy would end up voting to evict Jess just for the sake of appearing cooperative. Behind the scenes, however, they’ve already changed course somewhat and have been trying to talk Cliff and Nicole into working with them against Jackson and Holly Allen.

What the BB21 houseguests don’t appear to be prepared for is that there is a double eviction coming up Thursday night. There has been plenty of talk about who will be targeted depending on how the next Head of Household competition plays out, but it doesn’t seem that the players are necessarily prepared for what they’re about to face.


If Jess gets evicted, it will be interesting to see who wins the next HOH and who the second evictee is Thursday night. Jackson and Holly have sworn to Cliff and Nicole that they aren’t wavering in working with them. However, Cliff and Nicole know that Christie and Tommy have been led to believe they’re tight with Jackson and Holly, too.

It does seem as if Jackson and Holly are fairly oblivious to how much the other two pairs have been comparing notes. Will this come back to bite them Thursday night?

Viewers will have a lot of action to take in Thursday night as the Big Brother 21 houseguests run through a week’s worth of competitions in one night. Two players will be gone before the night is over, and it seems likely that at least some of these BB21 contestants will be left feeling pretty rattled. Stay tuned for additional spoilers as the next moves are made, to see what’s set to happen in the days ahead.