‘The View’ Riles Up Viewers With Controversial Hot Topic Question

Lou RoccoABC

ABC daytime talk show The View riled up viewers by asking a controversial Hot Topics question on Twitter earlier today ahead of the segment on the show. The hosts planned to discuss their feelings on the subject later when they were on the air.

The show often asks about the Hot Topic questions ahead of the segment, and the pinned post at the top of its Twitter account lets people know that their responses may be read aloud on air. The talk show returned for Season 23 earlier this week, and The Inquisitr reported that at least two co-hosts, Joy Behar and Meghan McCain, are already looking for a new job.

The View tweeted the question.

“What do you think of the idea of couples having threesomes to forgive infidelity in their marriage?”

Viewers of the sometimes controversial all-female hosted talk show had plenty to say about it. Many people who responded did not like the idea at all, and some felt offended that the show would even explore such an idea in the segment.

“I’m thinking, if the View is going to have topics like this, then I will be changing the channel,” replied a frustrated fan.

“People are always looking for quick fixes. How about trying to rebuild the marriage by learning to trust each other? Infidelity is not always just about sex! It is about relationships. What the heck?” another wrote.

However, some people felt that marriage decisions belong to the two people who are in the relationship and nobody else.

“Marriage is a contract between two people. They get to decide what works. We are too opinionated about marriage,” reasoned one follower.

The Hot Topics question is timely because today’s guest, Wendy Williams, recently divorced her husband of nearly 22 years because of infidelity. She said that cheating is one thing but having a baby is something else. The afternoon talk show host prefers to be pampered instead of changing Pampers at this point in her life.

Williams also revealed that she did not even struggle with the decision to end her marriage because of what happened. However, she refuses to speak ill of Big Kevin, not only for their son Little Kevin’s sake but also for herself since they were a couple for almost 25 years. After all, she chose him for all those years, and she feels he is not a bad person regardless of this wrong decision that he made to have an affair and a child with another woman.

Williams also revealed that she wouldn’t be a softer version of herself when The Wendy Williams Show returns on September 16.