Spoilers And Rumors For ‘The Young And The Restless’: The Truth About Theo And Kyle

Tyler Johnson as Theo Vanderway and Michael Mealor as Kyle Abbott on The Young and the Restless.
Sonja Flemming/Johnny Vy / CBS

On The Young and the Restless, Theo holds a secret over Kyle’s head, and it may have something to do with what happened with Zoe in New York City. However, fans also have other ideas about the situation, and their spoiler ideas are wild and crazy.

On Thursday’s episode, when Kyle (Michael Mealor) complained about Theo’s (Tyler Johnson) behavior, Lola (Sasha Calle) noted that Theo acted like a jealous ex-girlfriend, according to The Inquisitr‘s daily Y&R recap. Fans couldn’t help but agree with Kyle’s new wife’s assessment of the situation. So far, in the storyline, Theo brought Zoe (Anna Grace Barlow) to town, and she supposedly almost died at the age of 17 after partying with Kyle and Theo in New York. Kyle ended up paying her dad after the incident, and all’s well that ends well, right? Wrong. Theo is still lording some deep, dark secret over Kyle’s head, and the seemingly minor incident with Zoe doesn’t seem like it’s enough to cause problems for Kyle and Lola.

In the popular Facebook fan group We Love Y&R, one loyal viewer posted her thoughts.

“I just had an epiphany. What if the secret regarding Zoe is not Zoe but between Kyle and Theo? Maybe they had a relationship. Think about it. Theo acts more jealous than he should.”

Others chimed in with agreement about the situation.

“I’ve said before that Theo acts like a jealous girlfriend. Maybe Kyle and Theo were a couple in New York,” a fan replied.

“I am totally convinced this true. Otherwise, it doesn’t explain why Kyle is so scared to share this with Lola. The story about Zoe is bad, but it can be explained, but not a relationship between the two of them. That is what scares Kyle so much to tell Lola,” another viewer agreed.


Weeks ago, before they got married, Lola made it very clear to Kyle that he needed to be honest with her about his past after Theo stirred up some trouble. Kyle admitted that things got crazy in New York, and his long parties with Theo often included blondes. So far, Lola has met Zoe, but she does not know that Zoe was underage and nearly died after partying with Kyle and Theo. However, that secret does not seem like the type that could blow up a marriage.

Loyal viewers agree with Lola that Theo is acting like a jealous ex, and the truth is, Theo and Kyle had a thing before Kyle returned to Genoa City. Lola might be less than happy to learn something like that about her new husband.