WWE News: The Fiend Tells Former Member Of The Wyatt Family To ‘Come Home’


Bray Wyatt has been on his own for quite some time now, but he has only been “The Fiend” for a few months. For a long time, the frightening WWE superstar led a very strong stable known as The Wyatt Family, and it carried a lot of weight on the main roster. Now, one of its former members appears to be in a bit of trouble, and Wyatt has simply advised his ex-family member to come on home.

Fans have been watching the mysterious storyline unfold on SmackDown Live for weeks now, and it has been quite intriguing. It was recently revealed that Erick Rowan was the one behind the attacks on Roman Reigns and that it had nothing to do with Daniel Bryan at all.

At the end of this week’s episode of SmackDown, Rowan not only destroyed Reigns, but he took out Bryan as well. This led to WWE adding Erick Rowan vs. Roman Reigns as a match to the Clash of Champions pay-per-view happening in two weeks, as reported by The Inquisitr.

Once there was a separation between Rowan and Bryan, he seemed to be going out on his own. He grabbed a mic and cut a promo, which is something he’s done very little of throughout all of his time in WWE.

Rowan took to Twitter to post a cryptic video about being on his own and having no strings to hold him down. That is when Bray Wyatt decided to send a message to his former family member.

This is obviously a message from one member of The Wyatt Family to another, but will it lead anywhere?

Bray Wyatt is now “The Fiend” and is a member of the Monday Night Raw roster. Erick Rowan appears to be on his own now, but he is a member of the SmackDown Live roster. If WWE chooses to hold out on a reunion storyline for another month, all of that could change with the early October dates for the next rumored draft.

Wrestling Inc. did notice a new Instagram post that seems to be leading in the direction of new ring gear for Erick Rowan. He posted with Kim Dylla of Kylla Custom Wear, and she stated new gear was coming for the superstar, which could give him his own unique look.

Erick Rowan was once a member of The Wyatt Family. From there, he went on to be in a tag team with Luke Harper as the Bludgeon Brothers. After that tag team disbanded, he was under the guidance of Daniel Bryan. Finally, the bearded WWE giant may be going out on his own, but “The Fiend” would love for him to come home.