Shantal Monique Bursts Out Of Leopard-Print String Bikini: ‘I Still Won’t Stop Wearing Them’

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The warm months may be drawing to an end, but Shantal Monique is taking a stand: the American model has taken to Instagram to state that bikinis aren’t something she plans to quit wearing – in fact, she even seemed to be clinging onto the final days of her caption-mentioned “summer.”

Shantal’s latest update came as a double one. The blonde had been photographed in a rocky outdoor setting that might have been a beachfront one, although fans didn’t see any waves. They did, however, see a sizzling model who was dressed for them. Shantal was flaunting her eye-popping curves in a tiny and strung two-piece that seemed to tick boxes for just about everything. The bikini was heating things up by virtue of its leopard-print fabrics, although its itsy-bitsy finish was also doing a fantastic job of showcasing this social media sensation’s killer physique. Semi-profile and full-length positioning saw the camera take Shantal’s curves right in, although this girl’s fierce cleavage and curvy waist come backed by some serious muscle.

Shantal posed for her photos with a gaze looking ahead. Fans who swiped to the right saw the camera switch from close-up to full-length. Shantal asked her fans which of the two they preferred in her caption.

It looks like the update proved a hit. Shantal, her bikini, and her refusal to ditch them had racked up over 6,500 likes within one hour of going live. The same time frame brought over 347 fans into the post’s comments section. As for answering Shantal’s question, fans mostly seemed to be either preferring the full-length shot or simply unable to decide. Many didn’t even answer the question – clearly, this beauty’s effect is distracting.

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Happy Labor Day! 1 or 2? ????

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Shantal seems happiest in a bikini. The model took to Instagram over Labor Day with a hot pink string bikini, although this update saw the model indoors and poolside. While neither this post nor Thusday’s saw her in promotional mode, there is a strong business streak to the star – Shantal’s bio introduces her partnership with CBD brand Ignite. The popular brand seems to have a grip on Instagram, as it selects the platform’s hottest ladies to feature in its promotions, with Shantal clearly seeming to have made the cut.

Shantal joins the various swimwear faces on the platform who are affiliated with a brand. Hannah Palmer fronts Bang Energy, while Sara Underwood is known for her Fashion Nova mentions.

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