‘Sports Illustrated’ Model Samantha Hoopes Is ‘Bringing Sexy Back’ A Week After Giving Birth

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Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit model Samantha Hoopes has shared plenty of sultry photos via her Instagram page over the years, but her latest one is a bit different. Hoopes recently gave birth to her first child, and now she’s sharing an honest and open look at how her body is adjusting post-pregnancy.

On Thursday, Hoopes posted a couple of selfies to Instagram showing her wearing a bra and postpartum panties. Samantha wrote a lengthy post about what she has experienced over the past week, and this honest note will surely inspire plenty of her followers.

Hoopes joked that she is bringing sexy back as she shared a front view and side view of her postpartum belly. Samantha had her hair pulled back away from her face, and it appears that she went makeup-free for this honest glimpse into her life as a new mother.

The popular Sports Illustrated model shared lots of baby bump photos over the course of the last few months, and she wrote extensively about how her pregnancy was going. Samantha and her fiance, Salvatore Palella, kept the news of the pregnancy under wraps for quite some time. Once they revealed the news, Hoopes kept her fans completely looped in on how things were progressing.

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Bringing sexy back ???????? it’s been a week and a day since I gave birth to my handsome little boy! Time is flying!! I wanted to share with you my journey of recovery and healing. This is the most important time for Mom & baby. You both went though a lot! Now that my swelling in my feet is gone I can finally walk around like a human without having to have help in and out of bed! This is something I wasn’t expecting in recovery, swelling in my feet! I used a good pair of compression socks and two days later was back to normal! This is a process. Don’t try and rush it enjoy this moment and remind yourself if was all for the best gift in the world, your child! Remember that whatever you are feeling you are not alone. Try and take a shower, do a mask get your nails done and remember not to forget about yourself! If you are not mentally and physically strong ???????? then it does a disservice to your baby always ask for help when you need it! This is something I never do is ask for help but in this situation I always take time for myself when needed because whatever is in my mind and body flows to my son and I want to make sure it’s only love, purely love ❤️❤️❤️

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Now, it seems that Samantha is anxious to continue being open and honest with her followers as she embraces these early days with her baby George and works on bouncing back physically. Several thousand fans of Samantha showed their love for her post in the first hour after she posted it, and she received a lot of support from other Sports Illustrated models.

For example, Robin Holzken, Haley Kalil, and Nina Agdal all added comments to show their love and dozens of Samantha’s followers did the same.

As Fox News recently noted, Hoopes has done the Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition for the past six years. She was featured in the issue that came out this past spring, having done the photoshoot just before she got pregnant.

Hoopes shared that a lot of her fans seemed to think she was going away for good once the news of her pregnancy became public. She joked that she was pregnant, not dying, and she apparently didn’t hesitate to block those who were less than supportive.

When asked if she thought becoming pregnant might jeopardize her modeling career, Samantha said that she felt it was important to be open and honest. She added that Sports Illustrated has always let her be who she is, and she explained that she was feeling especially happy and complete during her last shoot with the outlet.

It doesn’t look as if Samantha Hoopes is in any rush to get back to modeling or do much of anything aside from embracing these early days with her baby George. The Sports Illustrated model will surely be keeping her fans updated in the days and weeks ahead, and it’s clear she’s head over heels in love with her new little guy.