Jessica Alba Goes Topless & Tells People To Get Their ‘Mind Out Of The Gutter’

Jessica Alba wears a strapless dress.
Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images

Jessica Alba has unveiled a series of magazine covers that she shot for Harper’s Bazaar Taiwan, and it looks like her fans are loving them all.

In particular, she shared a black-and-white rendition of the cover, which showed her going topless. She joked with her fans in the captions about “friends with benefits.”

The photo showed Jessica facing her bare back to the camera, as she grabbed her left arm with her right hand. She wore her hair down in a casual look, with her hair falling down her back.

Jessica gave a sultry look as she peered over her left shoulder. And while her face was visible, she gazed into the distance instead of looking at the camera. She wore dark eye makeup and lipstick, but thanks to the black-and-white nature of the shot, it’s hard to know what colors they were.

Many of Jessica’s fans raved about her good looks in the comments section.

“I think you are incredibly beautiful. A natural beauty,” said a fan.

“Wow wow wow so beautiful!!!!” exclaimed another fan.

Plus, others got creative with their compliments.

“Wisdom in this one,” stated a follower.

“You are forever my woman crush!” said another follower.

And some fans referred to Jessica’s captions.

“Mind permanently guttered after seeing this. That’s the alba I remember!!!” said a fan.

“Gutter? Nope, not there….” claimed another fan.

Plus, some of Jessica’s followers referred to her acting career.

“You should go train with Keanu Reeves and be in John wick ch4,” suggested a follower.

“Been in [love] with you ever since into the blue,” said another follower.

But even so, there were some haters that snuck into the comments.

“Always wondered how far a woman will go for a buck. Guess I know now,” said an Instagram user.

But their negative comments were made irrelevant by hundreds of positive reactions.

“Can’t be super dope without a super subject! Love,” said a fan.


“Tease guess cause you can,” said another fan.

“Um ok stop lol,” joked a follower.

This photo has received over 186,000 likes.

Jessica also shared two more magazine covers. The first one she shared had a completely different vibe than the topless cover.

It showed her in an all-tan outfit, which included a tank top, cardigan, and leg warmers. The backdrop was a light turquoise, and Jessica sat with her left elbow resting on her left knee. She gave a coy look while pursing her lips.

This update received over 593,000 likes.