Demi Rose Rocks ‘Game Of Thrones’ Outfit For Burning Man

Demi Rose wears a black costume.
Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images

Demi Rose headed to Burning Man this year, and she’s been sharing a ton of jaw-dropping pics with her fans of her various outfits. Her newest Instagram post showed her rocking an ensemble inspired by Game of Thrones, and it had her fans going wild.

The update consisted of three photos, all which showed her posing with her back facing the camera.

The first image showed Demi facing a brightly-patterned building. She popped her left foot, and looked over her left shoulder at the camera. She sported a spiky headdress, along with a back-baring outfit. The skirt featured multiple, white canvas-like panels that blew in the wind.

Demi even matched her backdrop with her turquoise cowboy boots, which featured silver hardware on the sides.

The model gave a sultry look, all while wearing a blonde wig. The wig featured long hair that reached the middle of her back, as well as luxurious curls.

Meanwhile, the building behind her was painted with various shades of blue. There were star-like patterns, mixed in with metal-like circular accents that adorned the edges. At the top of the building, there were circular, can-like pieces that might have been bells. They lined the entire perimeter of the structure.

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Khaleesi of the Playa ????✨

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Many of Demi’s fans stopped by with compliments.

“My goddess,” said a fan.

“Omg i love it,” noted another fan.

“Well well Have not seen anything this gorgeous lately,” said a follower.

“Beautiful ain’t it wow,” said another follower.

Other fans seemed to be keeping an eye on Demi’s recent posts from Burning Man.

“You look absolutely gorgeous there just like you always do,” said a fan.

“Didn’t know you could top the last look, but ummm,” said another fan.

“If no one else is gonna say it, I will. That looks like a desert and not a beach,” declared a follower, who seems to have missed the memo that she’s indeed at the desert.

In addition, some fans commented on her hair and accessories.

“Omg love the blonde,” gushed a follower.

“New model of lady liberty,” suggested another follower.


There were also some people who talked about Game of Thrones.

“I thought she was going more for a lady liberty look but OK,” said a fan.

“This khaleesi is my queen,” declared another fan.

The second photo of the set showed Demi walking in the desert. She pursed her lips and closed her eyes as she looked over her left shoulder.

The update was liked over 12,000 times in the first 20 minutes since it went live.

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2019: SPACE ODYSSEY ????????

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