Chantel Jeffries Goes Braless In Stunning New Cover Shot

Chantel Jeffries attends the 2019 Billboard Music Awards
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American model and DJ Chantel Jeffries is knocking it out of the park with her latest Instagram post. The 26-year-old personality has landed a magazine cover, and she looks phenomenal in the photo she shared.

Jeffries noted that she is on the new cover of Locale magazine, and she also did a detailed feature article with them. Just that cover shot alone is stunning, as it features Chantel wearing white pants and a white suit jacket with nothing underneath. The model is braless, with the jacket unbuttoned to flash a fair amount of alluring cleavage.

The cover shot for the new issue of Locale shows Chantel wearing her dark brown hair in loose waves cascading over her shoulders, and she is wearing bold earrings to complete the look. By the looks of the article within the magazine, Jeffries wore a number of sexy ensembles for her photoshoot accompanying the piece.

Chantel currently has 4.4 million followers on Instagram, and they were immediately captivated by this cover shot. About 60,000 people liked the post within the first couple of hours after Jeffries had shared it, and the hundreds of comments made it clear that Jeffries’ fans thought she looked absolutely incredible.

While many people may recognize Chantel’s name from her long-ago brief romantic connection with Justin Bieber, she has been building a name for herself for several years now. As she explains in the Locale feature, she started modeling a few years ago and landed opportunities connected to A$AP Rocky and Khloe Kardashian.

Jeffries didn’t intend to become a DJ, but opportunities came her way, and she has managed to develop a niche that’s a great fit for her. She has also created singles and popular YouTube videos, and she currently has an ongoing gig in Las Vegas. Chantel is almost constantly traveling, as can be seen in her regular Instagram posts.

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What comes next for Chantel? She told Locale that she wants to surprise her fans, so it seems she played coy when asked for specifics. She certainly appears to be living her best life these days, with no plans to slow down anytime soon.

This new magazine cover does present a different side of Chantel Jeffries in comparison to what her fans usually see from her. The reaction from everybody proves, however, that the model and DJ can get her fans buzzing over almost anything she wears or posts. Given her social media history, chances are good she’ll have something new to shake up her millions of followers again quite soon.