September’s ‘Playboy’ Playmate, Sophie O’Neil, Exposes All & Censors With A Strand Of Lavender

Sophie O’Neil wears a polka dot outfit.
Sophieoneil / Instagram

Sophie O’Neil is September’s Playboy Playmate, and she’s starting the month off with a bang.

The model’s shared several photos from an outdoor shoot, where she went completely nude. The images are too racy to share here, but you can check them out on her Instagram page.

In particular, Sophie’s newest social media post is perhaps one of the most revealing. The shot showed her standing in the middle of a green meadow, as she faced the camera straight on. It was only censored by a couple of cat graphics on her chest, along with a strand of lavender that she held in her right hand. She placed both of her hands by her midriff, as she propped her left foot up.

O’Neil also wore her hair down in a middle part, and rocked a ton of curls.

The photo’s been liked over 8,300 times. Sophie’s fans gushed about the photo in the comments section.

“A true Venus,” declared a fan.

“As you wish Eve…” said another fan.

“Love this free spirit picture,” added a follower.

Others focused on her good looks.

“Oh stop it. You’re actually ridiculous,” said a follower.

“…Legs from here to there,” said an Instagram user.

“Theres not a word created yet that can describe this shot. Oh wait.. its speechless!” exclaimed a fan.

Others referred to the model’s captions.

“Come to UK it’s hot here too,” suggested a fan.

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Plus, some of O’Neil’s followers joked with her.

“Watch out for bugs,” said a follower.


“Pssst… you aren’t wearing any clothes,” said another follower.

And that’s not to mention all of the declarations of beauty that she received from some fans.

“Sophia you are so beautiful and honey sweet and candy-delicious and candy sweet in your birthday suit,” said a fan.

“Beautiful figure looking incredible and perfect woman,” said another fan.

“Escaped the sea… Gorgeous siren from Anglo shores,” said a follower, using the mermaid emoji to make their point.

“Every photo gets better and better!!” exclaimed a fan, who’s apparently been enjoying all of her newest posts.

This isn’t to mention a prior Instagram post, which showed Sophie crouching on the ground. Again, she was in a meadow, except this time, there were purple flowers throughout. She propped herself up with her arms while sitting on her knees, and she looked down for the shot. Her chest was left exposed once again, with creative editing and placement censoring the naughtiest bits.