Sara Underwood Bursts Through Red Mesh Sports Bra & Hot Pants, Driving Instagram Wild

Sara Underwood is back on the 'Gram. The Playboy model has updated her account from her favorite setting – while many of Instagram's lingerie and swimwear mainstays opt for marbled interiors or infinity pools, Sara has the great outdoors as her happy place. The blonde has posted a new photo to her account, with the post appearing as much dedicated to showcasing Sara's super-fit body as reminding the platform that nature surpasses everything for her.

Sara's photos today were split: while one showed the model enjoying a hike and shot close-up, the other showcased the stunning hillside scenery she was making her way through, with Sara herself barely visible. Fans were likely finding themselves more drawn to the first image – it did, after all, highlight Sara's knockout body and killer style.

Sara appeared to have gone sporty and bright with her outfit. The model was rocking a bold red sports bra boasting mesh aspects across the chest, upping the ante with some major cleavage-flashing. The snap wasn't a provocative one, though. The model was gazing into the distance as she took in the view with one hand raised to her head. Sara's thin-strapped sports bra was matched with tight pair of hot pants, with a red headband seeing Sara color-coordinate from head to toe.

The model appeared fresh-faced and bathed in sunlight, with a caption appearing to see Sara moved by the beauty around her.

Instagram is definitely digging this update. Sara's snap had racked up over 17,000 likes in just one hour, with the same timeframe bringing over 94 fans into the comments section. Fans did comment on the landscape, but remarks over how great and sexy Sara looked didn't take long to come pouring in.Fans paying attention to Sara's caption will have noticed that today's cute ensemble came courtesy of Fashion Nova. The affordable clothing brand is one that Sara has somewhat of an ambassador status for – while the model doesn't announce a partnership with Fashion Nova in her Instagram bio, she regular shares posts name-dropping the label. Sara's hot looks see her act as the powerful influencer that she is, with Fashion Nova likely grateful given that Sara has 9.2 million Instagram followers.Style may play a role in Sara's updates, but nature prevails. With regular updates from wooden cabins in the middle of nowhere and a vegan status announced in the model's bio, it's clear that the low-key, outdoorsy, and healthy lifestyle is what Sara lives for.

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