Miranda Lambert Shakes Up Instagram In Black Fishnets & Red Stilettos: 'It's Pretty B*tchin'

Miranda Lambert has plenty to celebrate right now. The country singer has just released her new "Pretty B*tchin'" track, with a brand new promotional post landing on the 35-year-old's Instagram today. Miranda seemed to want to showcase her new music, but the images she posted likewise seemed to remind Instagram that the blonde comes with plenty of style – and it isn't always while wearing cowboy boots.

Miranda's photos showed her posing for the camera by a wrought-iron doorway. While the snaps had a slightly gritty finish, including scuffed flooring and a home-like setting, the images were definitely being heated up by Miranda's outfit. The blonde was showcasing her trim physique in one of her sexier ensembles – with black fishnet stockings and fiery red stilettos, things were already getting off to a good start on the accessories alone. Miranda was rocking a sultry, mid-length dress in a summery shade of canary yellow, with materials riding up the star's thigh on her right leg, which was slightly raised as Miranda rested her foot on the gate. With fringe details, a strappy finish, and hints of a black bra underneath, the dress was pulling off feminine chic perfectly.

Miranda gazed at the camera with a direct gaze. The star's caption referred to her newly-released music, with fans encouraged to head to the star's bio to check it out.

Miranda made some pretty major headlines earlier this year by announcing that she had married Brendan McLoughlin, per The Inquisitr. The couple tied the knot in February. The police officer and his wife are currently dividing their time between their farm and New York City, where Brendan works. Brendan has, however, found himself taking time off from work."Police Officer Brendan McLoughlin is on an authorized leave of absence," a representative with the NYPD's Office of the Deputy Commissioner Public Information informed People.

Miranda herself has spoken out about always returning back to New York to allow Brendan to spend time with a son he has from a previous marriage.

"We have the best of both worlds. We spend time in New York, we get to see our adorable nugget, then we get to come back to the farm and have the quiet life. I'm enjoying the balance," Lambert revealed to Extra regarding her new married life with McLoughlin.

Fans wishing to see more of Miranda should follow her Instagram. The star has 3.7 million followers.