Donald Trump Might Be On Drugs, Suggests Anthony Scaramucci, Calls Him ‘Diseased Dad’ And ‘Orange Maniac’

Ben GabbeGetty Images

Anthony Scaramucci suggested obliquely that Donald Trump might be using drugs, in a wide-ranging interview in which the former White House Communications Director and the host discussed some other off-the-wall and salacious rumors about Trump.

As The Wrap reports, Scaramucci stopped by iHeartRadio’s Domenick Nati Show, where he was interviewed by the no-holds-barred celebrity publicist. And in fact, Nati didn’t hold back, asking his guest directly, in his first question, if he (Scaramucci) thought his former boss might be on drugs.

Scaramucci didn’t take the bait directly, but instead implied that Trump’s recent behavior suggests that something, drugs or otherwise, may be amiss with him mentally.

“Take a look at tapes of him from 2015, 2016. Observe him at the G-7. Look at his speech mannerisms during the hurricane situation over the weekend. There’s something going on there.”

Scaramucci further pointed out that Trump’s syntax and punctuation are missing, and that Trump’s vocabulary seems, to Scaramucci anyway, to be getting more limited. What’s more, Scaramucci noted that, over Labor Day weekend, when Hurricane Dorian was threatening parts of the East Coast, Trump was tweeting about Will & Grace star Debra Messing.

The notion that Trump is suffering from mental decline has been brought up before, by people other than Scaramucci. For example, back in late August, as The New Civil Rights Movement reported at the time, an MSNBC panel compared Trump’s actions, words, and behavior of late to the waning days of Ronald Reagan’s administration. Reagan was believed to have been in the early stages of Alzheimer’s Disease at that time.

MSNBC legal analyst Maya Wiley, for example, noted that Trump had referred to himself, in the days before the panel, as “The Chosen One.”

“I just don’t understand why we not actually ask and have a confrontational conversation about whether or not there’s something more going on here with [Trump’s] health,” Wiley said.

Back at iHeartRadio, Scaramucci echoed the same sentiment, comparing Trump to a “diseased dad” whose family needs to move to keep him out of trouble.

“Let’s remove this guy from the position he’s in,” Scaramucci said.

Nati followed up the question about Trump’s supposed mental decline by asking Scaramucci if he thought the rumors about Trump supposedly flirting with female members of the White Hosue staff held any water.

Again, Scaramucci demurred, claiming not to have seen it in person, but to have “heard reports” of it happening.

“I’m not going to confirm that,” he said.