Pete Buttigieg Says He Feels Sorry For Donald Trump After He Displayed Altered Hurricane Dorian Map

Joshua LottGetty Images

Pete Buttigieg lamented on Thursday that he feels sorry for Donald Trump after the president displayed a map that appears to have been altered to support his claim that Hurricane Dorian was going to slam into Alabama.

The South Bend, Indiana, mayor was interviewed on CNN’s New Day.

“I’m really worried about that,” he said. “I feel sorry for the president, and that is not the way we should feel about the most powerful figure in this country. Somebody on whose wisdom and judgment our lives literally depend.”

During an Oval Office briefing on Wednesday, Trump showed a map that appeared to have been altered with a magic marker. On Sunday, Trump had claimed that Hurricane Dorian was headed for Alabama, prompting concerns and forcing the National Weather Service in Birmingham, Alabama, to respond and contradict the president’s claim, as The Inquisitr reported previously.

After the media backlash that started on Sunday, the president appears to have become fixated on the idea of proving that his statement was accurate. Trump showed the altered map to indicate that the hurricane was originally headed toward Alabama as he claimed. The map featured an arc drawn in black marker, prompting intense scrutiny and backlash. He doubled down on the statement that Dorian was originally headed toward Alabama on Thursday, posting an out-of-date map on social media and saying that the “fake news” was trying to make him look bad.

Apparently, the situation has the Democratic candidate for president concerned. He went on to say that he wasn’t sure if Trump changed the map or had one of his aides alter it in order “to protect his ego,” but regardless, he finds the situation alarming.

“No matter how you cut it, this is an unbelievably sad state of affairs for our country. If our presidency is not in good shape, then our country is not in good shape,” he said. “And on one level it’s laughable, on another, it is exactly why we got to do something different.”

Buttigieg has been critical of Trump in the past. He has accused the president of faking an injury to avoid being sent to Vietnam and has said that he thinks dealing with Trump is like dealing with a “crazy uncle,” according to Politico. He has also criticized the president’s use of pardons and over his reportedly “racist” language that the 37-year-old believes gives other people permission to express their prejudiced and hateful opinions.