Prince Harry Joins Landmine Charity, Will Serve As Patron

Charity Patron

Prince Harry will join the landmine clearing charity that once received the devoted support of his late mother, Diana, Princess of Wales.

The 28-year-old prince announced today that he will serve as Patron of the Hazardous Areas Life-support Organization, or HALO. The charity conducts global campaigns for the clearance of landmines throughout the world.

Campaigning for the organization in 1997, Prince Harry’s mother Diana brought international attention to the subject of landmines and the dangers they present.

During her visit to Angola on behalf of HALO, a photographer captured Diana wearing protective gear and body armor — photos that later became an iconic symbol of her charity work.

Prince Harry has continued his mother’s fight against landmines, visiting affected communities first-hand. His official role as Patron for Hazardous Areas Life-support Organization was announced by the prince’s office.

The official statement reportedly expressed the following:

“Prince Harry has had a longstanding connection with the charity and visited minefields in Tete Province, Mozambique, in 2010 where he met amputees, and saw for himself the devastating impact that landmines have on some of the poorest people in mine-affected communities. During his trip to Mozambique he was shown the painstaking process of humanitarian demining.”

In addition to his involvement with HALO, Prince Harry will also serve as Patron of the Rugby Football All Schools initiative, a program that strives to increase the number of state-funded high schools participating in rugby union.


Prince Harry also recently took part in a charity trip to Africa on behalf of Sentebale, a nonprofit organization he co-founded, which provides help for children living with diseases such as HIV/AIDS. During the trip he expressed how the charity “is making such a big difference to these children—so many of whom are orphaned, have disabilities, are HIV-positive or who live the harsh life of the herd-boy.”

Third in line to the British Throne, Prince Harry has become increasingly involved in charitable work. He recently expressed that he hoped that his choice to follow in his mother’s footsteps would make her proud.

What do you think of Prince Harry taking an official role in the landmine charity once passionately championed by Diana, Princess of Wales?

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