Blonde Bombshell Hilde Osland Sizzles In Flirty Snap

Hilde OslandInstagram

Hilde Osland thrilled her fans Thursday with an Instagram update that showed off her amazing figure and stunning good looks.

In the photo, the Norwegian beauty stood outside near a wall painted in bright colors. She wore a peach-colored top that featured a spaghetti straps and a plunging neckline. The top portion of the top was pleated, which accentuated Osland’s ample chest and smooth skin. The top fit snugly around her abdomen, highlighting her slender waist. The snap cut off just below her waist, and while viewers could see she was wearing jeans of some sort, it was impossible to tell if they were shorts. Osland wore a full face of makeup and she had a light coral color on her lips that matched the color of her top. Her long hair was over one shoulder, and she wore a bandana in it to give the sexy look a casual vibe. With one hand in her hair, she gave the camera her signature flirty smile.

“Still the most Beautiful Woman here, I really enjoy seeing your pictures each and every day,” one admirer told the model.

Several followers commented on Osland’s blue eyes, which always seem to pop in her photos.

“I could get lost in those eyes,” one fan said.

“Your eyes are so stunning,” another follower told Osland.

“Hard to look at the rest of you when your eyes stop me dead in my tracks,” one fan told the beauty.

Other fans focused on the model’s overall good looks.

“You are definitely the prettiest lady anywhere,” said one admirer.

“You have the face of an angel,” wrote one fan.

One admirer told Osland she should be on television, so everyone could she how gorgeous she is.

“Have Mercy, Darling! God has definitely smiled on you!” one fan told the model.

While many comments on Osland’s posts were made by men, women also chimed in and let her know how stunning she looked.

One woman told Osland that she was “truly the definition of perfection,” adding that she had been following the beauty for a long time had never seen anyone more beautiful than her.

“I would give anything to have just a portion of your beauty,” she wrote.

Osland took a moment to thank the fan for her kind words.

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