Ivanka Trump’s Dress Misses The Mark In Latest Colombian Appearance, Sparks Fresh Round Of Mocking On Twitter

Tom BrennerGetty Images

Ivanka Trump is currently in Colombia making a number of appearances and she is gaining a great deal of attention throughout this trip. Unfortunately, at times, President Donald Trump’s daughter isn’t necessarily generating the type of buzz she intends. It seems that Ivanka’s fashion choices are raising eyebrows and that was the case once again with the look she chose for appearances on Wednesday.

As The Inquisitr shared earlier in the week, Ivanka wore a military green dress to an event. However, the wind caught the sleeves and created an entirely different look. Twitter went wild with creative comparisons likening Ivanka’s look to a lizard, a dinosaur, lily pads, or a couple of “cones of shame.”

Now, Ivanka has given the creative forces across Twitter a new look to critique. The Daily Caller loved the look, describing her garment as a short-sleeved vanilla-colored floral dress. Ivanka wore her blonde bob back in a low bun and wore strappy wedge heels along with the dress.

According to the Twitter account “White House Fashion,” this latest look of Ivanka’s came from designer Silvia Tcherassi. She is a Colombian-born designer who is now based in Miami.

This is the “Cameron” dress, which seems to retail for $980 on the designer’s website. It is described as being a neutral tone dress with delicate watercolor flowers along the bottom of the skirt. It has a plunging neckline and is cinched at the waist with pouf sleeves and a front slit to show off some leg.

Unfortunately, this dress didn’t impress those across Twitter any better than the previous look. For example, actor and comedian Patton Oswalt described it via his Twitter page as a re-purposed bar towel dress. In addition to that, the idea that the dress was made of tortillas emerged at one point too.

“Can you wear white shoes with tan burlap coffee bags?”

A number of people noted on Twitter that Ivanka’s stylist must hate her and some got especially creative with this line of reasoning.

“Her stylist must be a gay man who secretly puts her in these outfits to f*ck with her. I see no other conclusion.”

“Perhaps the outfit is some sort of guerilla marketing advertisement for Trump Brand Potatoes?”

The first daughter, and senior adviser to President Trump, certainly gets some credit for choosing Colombian designers to wear throughout this trip. She has worn quite a few different dresses over the past few days and some garnered nothing but praise. Unfortunately, this linen dress seems to have been panned more than praised, much like the green dress she chose earlier in the week.