Constance Nunes’ Daisy Dukes & ‘Cherry Pie’ Video Is Almost Too Hot For Instagram

Constance NunesInstagram

Constance Nunes is one of the hottest women on Instagram, and she continues to prove that in all of her posts. Wednesday night was no exception as she shared a video of herself that got pulses racing all over social media.

In the video, Constance is seen sitting in the shell of a car that she’s rebuilding. She sprays primer on the dash as she flaunts her curves in an ultra-sexy ensemble, which included a pair of barely-there Daisy Dukes.

The denim shorts were almost too hot for Instagram as they showcased her curvy booty and long, lean legs. The car mechanic who moonlights as a model also rocked a black sleeveless crop top with the Ford Mustang logo on the front. The skimpy top showed off Nunes’ flat tummy and toned arms as she focused on her work.

The Car Masters: From Rust to Riches star had her long, dark hair pulled back into a messy ponytail that fell down her back. She also sported a full face of makeup for her work day, which included darkened eyebrows, long, thick lashes, a bronzed glow, pink blush on her cheeks, and a nude lip.

Constance rocked out to some ’80s music as she completed her work, bumping the song “Cherry Pie” by the band Warrant in the clip.

According to Hot Cars, Constance is a part-time model who works at Gotham Garage and is also building her own business, Cars By Constance, where she builds custom cars for her clients.

Cars and driving are her thing, but don’t expect her to be kind if you cut her off in traffic. The model says she can’t stand bad drivers and wants to teach the people in Los Angeles the right way to drive.

“I feel like I need to start a driving school….for all the people in Los Angeles who somehow missed the lessons on their driving test of how to merge, how fast to go in the proper lanes on the freeway, how to get out of your parking spot without doing a 50 point 1/2 turn,” Nunes previously stated on Twitter.

In addition, Constance Nunes owns her very own vintage car, a 1964 Mustang, which she bought when she was just 16-years-old. She’s rebuilt the car — which she lovingly refers to as “Babystang” on social media — using all parts from 1964 and revealed that the vehicle’s straight-six engine is her favorite part of the car.