‘Bachelor’ Chris Soules Explains Why Alcohol Containers Were Found In His Truck At Site Of Fatal 2017 Crash

Jason KempinABC

Chris Soules is speaking out more than two years after he was involved in a fatal accident on a rural road near his Iowa farm. The Bachelor star, who was dubbed Prince Farming during his season of the ABC reality show, rear-ended a tractor driven by neighboring farmer Kenny Mosher in April 2017. Mosher died soon after.

Soules was later arrested and charged with a felony for leaving the scene of an accident that resulted in a fatality. Last month, Soules received two years of probation after his charge was reduced to an aggravated misdemeanor charge of leaving the scene of an accident causing serious injury.

Up until now, the onetime Bachelor fan favorite has remained silent on exactly what happened on that horrific day.

With his legal woes mostly behind him, Soules opened up to People about rumors that he had been drinking at the time of the accident and that he didn’t try to save Mosher.

The ABC reality star, who also competed on Dancing with the Stars following his stint as The Bachelor, said he was en route to pick up one of one his workers when the accident occurred. Soules said he woke up inside his pickup after the crash and proceeded to give an unconscious Mosher CPR as he waited for emergency personnel.

A frightened Soules realized that the CPR was not helping, so he hopped into a different truck that had been driven to the accident site by one of his workers and drove himself home before police arrived on the scene. Soules admitted he was “scared’ and didn’t know what else to do.

Soules also explained why he locked himself in his home and didn’t come to the door when police arrived looking for him. Soules said his attorney told him not to talk to the police until his legal rep was present.

“I just followed his instructions. And I wasn’t expecting police at my door. In hindsight, I was charged with a crime. But I really didn’t know that there were grounds for arrest at that point.”

While court documents revealed that Soules had purchased beer on the day of the accident, The Bachelor star maintains he was had not been drinking that night even though partially consumed containers of alcohol were found in his truck. Soules explained that he regularly bought food and drinks for his 15 employees and that the truck could have been used by any of them just before the accident. Soules’ blood test ultimately registered at 0.0 six hours after the crash.

Soules also said that he has seen some “dark times” in the two years since the crash and has often thought “it would have been easier on the other side.”

Chris Soules first appeared on Andi Dorfman’s season of The Bachelorette in 2014 before headlining Season 19 of The Bachelor the next year. Soules ended his season of the ABC dating show with an engagement to Whitney Bischoff, but the couple split a few months after the show ended.

In 2017, Bischoff told People she was devastated to hear the news of her former fiance’s tragic accident.

“This is a very sad situation,” Bischoff said at the time. “I’m keeping everyone in my thoughts and prayers, especially the victim and his family.”