NBA Rumors: Josh Hart Reportedly Says He Only ‘Had Problems’ With One Laker After Blasting Former Team On Air

Harry HowGetty Images

Following a podcast appearance where he seemed to describe his past experience with the Los Angeles Lakers as depressing, New Orleans Pelicans guard Josh Hart reportedly took to Instagram to clarify his earlier comments and explain that there was one person in particular on his former team whom he didn’t like.

As recapped by Complex, the latest episode of the LightHarted Podcast with Josh Hart saw Pelicans point guard Lonzo Ball – himself a former Laker – discuss the time he traveled to Lithuania to visit his younger brother, LaMelo, while the latter was playing in the country’s professional basketball league. According to Lonzo, Lithuania proved to be a “very depressing” country and one which he would rather not visit in the future.

“I wouldn’t do it again. It’s, like, you been there?” Ball said. “It’s, like, hella gloomy. Nobody smiles. It’s like everybody just hates that they’re there, I was like, ‘Damn, I have to get out of there, bro.'”

Reacting to the above story, Hart quipped that his teammate’s experience “sounds like L.A.”

While Ball seemingly attempted to redirect the conversation and avoid talking negatively about his former team, Hart explained that he was “not talking about the city,” further stressing his point a few seconds later when he said that he was “gonna say the Lakers’ organization.” Ball, meanwhile, continued to avoid throwing shade at the Lakers, remarking that he “[didn’t] know” what Hart was talking about.

Later on, the Twitter account of Lakers fan site Lake Show World shared a screenshot of a comment Hart supposedly made on his verified Instagram account, where he said that he was not really taking shots at the Lakers, as he “loved” his former teammates and coaches. Instead, Hart explained that he “only had a problem with one person” within the organization.

Based on the replies to the aforementioned tweet, most fans believe Hart may have been referring to Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka or former president of basketball operations Magic Johnson. However, there were still some who speculated that the person being alluded to was LeBron James or Luke Walton, despite the disclaimer Hart included in his purported Instagram comment.

Along with several future draft picks, Josh Hart, Lonzo Ball, and Brandon Ingram were shipped to the Pelicans earlier this summer in a blockbuster trade that brought Anthony Davis to the Lakers. As recalled by ClutchPoints, the Lakers kicked off the LeBron James era decently last season but turned into a “walking disaster” after the four-time NBA MVP went down with a groin injury last Christmas Day. The outlet also noted that the Lakers also experienced serious locker room turmoil as the season progressed, as most of the team’s key players except James were mentioned in reports as possible trade pieces for Davis.