‘Playboy’ Hottie Rachel Cook Lets It All Show In Sheer Lingerie

Rachel Cook wears a black top.
Ethan Miller / Getty Images

Playboy model, Rachel Cook, shared a series of three new photos and it has her fans talking.

The photos, however, are NSFW and cannot be shared here. But you can still check them out on Rachel’s Instagram page, where more than 95,000 people have stopped by to hit the like button.

The update consisted of three photos and featured Cook wearing the same ensemble. The photos were also all black-and-white.

In the first picture, Rachel sat with her right shoulder covering most of her body. She looked over to her right, as she placed her hands in the middle between her legs. Her ensemble was somewhat visible, and consisted of black gloves, plus a strappy lingerie teddy.

The second photo gave fans a better look at the ensemble. The top and bottom of the lingerie were only separated by a cutout by her waist. There were also metal clasps that held the lingerie together. Rachel also wore black stockings with a garter belt. She sat on a white stool, and placed her right hand on her hip. Meanwhile, she looked off into the distance with her head tilted to her right.

The sheer nature of the lingerie meant that her assets were on full display.

Rachel’s fans flooded the comments section with their compliments. One fan, in particular, made a funny comment that caught the model’s attention.

“When your boy orders fry’s but you didn’t,” they said.

“Me af,” responded Cook.

Others seemed distracted by her good looks.

“I had no idea that tactical lingerie existed,” said a fan.

“I would be very surprised if Instagram didnt take this down,” said another fan, who couldn’t help but notice that some of her photos were walking the line of the no-nudity rule.

“Look what happens when a mermaid gets caught in your net!! I think #2 just!! Loving these photos Ray!!” exclaimed a follower.

“That’s naughty for you, Rachel!” said another follower.

Other people simply raved about Rachel and the photos.

“Hottest woman on the planet!” said a fan.

“These are SO FIRE,” said another fan.


“D*mn! So hot. Definitely the first one,” declared a follower.

“Some of the best resolution work I’ve seen on the IG,” noted another follower.

The photo was such a hit, that there were hardly any haters to be seen.

“It looks so uncomfortable but nice,” commented a follower, whose message was one of the more critical ones out of the recent messages.

“O for 1, M for 2 and G for 3! OMG,” exclaimed another follower.