Teen Daughter Surprises Mom With Unannounced Visit From College, Mom Surprises Her Back By Shooting Her

Spencer PlattGetty Images

An 18-year-old in Girard, Ohio, decided to make a surprise visit home from college on Tuesday, expecting to delight her mother. But unfortunately, the mom was a little too surprised and opened fire, surprising her daughter by shooting her, as Youngstown, Ohio, television station WFMJ reported. The gun used by the mom in the shooting was a.38 Special, which she was fully licensed to own and carry.

Neither the name of the victim nor her mother, the shooter, has been released to the public. But according to the 18-year-old’s boyfriend, the couple had planned the surprise visit to make her mom happy, but the young woman ended up in her driveway where she was picked up by fire department medics who took her to a nearby hospital.

Police were also on the scene and described the young woman as “covered in blood” when they located her, according to WKBN TV News. The single round fired by the mom struck her daughter in the bicep.

WFMJ acquired a transcript of a 911 call made by the boyfriend, in which the young man told the emergency operator, “My girlfriend just came home from college and her mom didn’t know, like honestly — she accidentally shot her and we don’t know what to do.”

When the dispatcher asked the boyfriend how badly the daughter was bleeding from the wound, he replied, “It’s pretty bad!”

But reporters from the TV station visited the home where the shooting occurred and were told that the daughter had been released from the hospital and was resting comfortably at home.

According to the WKBN account, the mom was in her bedroom at approximately 9 p.m. on Tuesday evening, when she heard a “commotion” from elsewhere in the house and became frightened because she was not expecting visitors. When a person burst into her bedroom, she fired one shot — and then quickly realized she had shot her own daughter.

“She stated that the bedroom door opened where she was at — and she had a gun readily available and she fired a round at someone coming through the door,” Girard Police Chief John Norman told WFMJ.

The incident could have been a lot worse, however. As The Inquisitr reported, in a 2013 incident in Colorado Springs, Colorado, a 14-year-old girl who had snuck out of her home for an evening with friends was shot and killed by her stepfather when she returned home, apparently climbing in through a window in an attempt to avoid notice. The stepfather said that he believed the slain girl was a burglar, and opened fire.

In the Tuesday shooting in Ohio, prosecutors have not yet decided whether charges will be filed against the mom who shot her college-age daughter, according to Newsweek.