Fitness Model Ainsley Rodriguez Nearly Bursts Out Of Her Crop Top

ainsley rodriguez in red cami selfie
Ainsley Rodriguez / Instagram

Fitness model Ainsley Rodriguez has a lot on her plate, with her personal training business, social media profile, and a new mysterious opportunity she teased. With all that to keep her busy, it’s no wonder that the brunette stunner indulged in some iced coffee to get some caffeine pumping through her veins.

In a photo posted to Instagram, the Miami native confessed that when she is at home, she generally opts for healthy green juices. However, she added that when she is out with friends, coffee is one of her weaknesses. Her tips for keeping the java as healthy as possible included swapping almond milk for fattening creamers and opting for brown sugar over white.

That said, Ainsley’s numerous followers, which currently tally at nearly 2 million, were likely more distracted by her sizzling photo than by her sage advice. In the picture, Ainsley sported a dove grey ripped crop top so small that her cleavage looks dangerously close to spilling out. Completing the ensemble was a pair of fashionably faded daisy dukes. Ainsley’s hair is styled straight and sleek, and her simple gold necklace offsets her beautifully golden tan.

The photo was a hit with fans, and it soon won over 36,000 likes and just shy of 900 comments.

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When I’m home I usually opt for my fresh pressed juice with some kind of carrot, lemon, beet, ginger, celery concoction BUT when I travel a cup of coffee always seems to make into my hands a couple times/day! . For all you avid coffee drinkers out there – as delicious and fancy as all these flavored creamers and syrups can be … its more cals and sugars that def add up! Here are my swaps! ???????? . Iced coffee > Frappe Almond milk > creamers/milk Brown Sugar > white sugar . I’ll usually ask for an iced americano with almond milk and then add 1 packet of brown sugar (yes, I opt for brown sugar over stevia or Splenda)! If you absolutely loveeeee those caramel, hazlenut or choc pumps just ask them for 1/2 pump instead of the 3-5 they usually put in! Moderation is key ☺️❤️ I’ll have my version of a healthy morning protein frappe you can make at home up this week! ——— ESPAÑOL ???????? . Las calorías adicionales en las cremas y el azúcar pueden acumularse cuando ordenan su café! Trato de evitarlos y ordeno un café con hielo con leche de almendras en lugar de cremas y 1 paquete de azúcar morena en lugar de azúcar blanco y bombas de jarabe! ☺️❤️

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“Your beauty radiates from within!” gushed a fan.

“So you just absolutely slay wherever you go? D*mn I wonder what that feels like,” added another, with a winking and heart-eye emoji.

“That smile though,” wrote a third fan, with a fire and heart-eye emoji as well.

Though the café picture had Ainsley’s legs hidden under the table, they were on full display in another Instagram post, where she highlighted one of her favorite leg workouts.

In the multi-clip update, Ainsley wore tight white yoga pants and a bright orange one-shouldered sports bra. Before beginning, she did a flirty little hip move and wink.

In the first move, Ainsley stepped up onto a stool while impressively lifting a barbell over her shoulders. The second move consisted of a squat, followed by a deadlift. This was all while still lifting the aforementioned barbell.

The third move shown was a hip-thrust. In the move, Ainsley placed the barbell in her lap and stabilized herself by placing her hands on a block. She then pushed her hips towards the ceiling.

The fourth move returned to the barbell over Ainsley’s shoulders and consisted of a series of lunges.


The update earned nearly 20,700 likes and over 330 comments within six hours.

“Every Day needs Inspiration and Perfection,” commented a fan.

“Amazing,” seconded another, with several fire emoji.