Scarlett Johansson Blasted For Her Defense Of Woody Allen

Tristan FewingsGetty Images

Scarlett Johansson is no stranger to internet controversy, but social media users were still stunned Wednesday when the actress made yet another controversial statement that has, once again, created quite the stir.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the 34-year-old Black Widow star said that she would still work with director Woody Allen following sexual assault allegations raised against him by his daughter Dylan Farrow. Despite the fact that other actors have expressed regret for working with the disgraced director, who hasn’t been able to find a movie distributor since he was dropped by Amazon last year, Johansson said that she believes Allen, who denies his daughter’s accusations against him, per The Hollywood Reporter.

Johansson, who had been criticized in the past for portraying non-white characters, made headlines earlier this year when she said that she should be able to play any role as an artist, whether or not she physically fits the mold for the character, as The Washington Post noted.

“You know, as an actor I should be allowed to play any person, or any tree, or any animal because that is my job and the requirements of my job,” Johansson said. “I feel like it’s a trend in my business and it needs to happen for various social reasons, yet there are times it does get uncomfortable when it affects the art because I feel art should be free of restrictions.”

The actress would eventually walk those comments back – at least somewhat – in an apology. Johansson said that the point she was trying to make didn’t come across in the way that she meant it. She seemed to acknowledge that non-white and non-cisgender actors have not had the opportunities that white, cisgender actors like Johansson have had, per The Washington Post.TheAvengers actress then claimed she would “fight” to make sure “everyone” was involved in future projects.

Still, people on social people aren’t quick to forget. Many on Twitter had a field day making fun of the actress’ ability to continuously make comments that got her in hot water. One user on Twitter even hypothesized that the actress, often referred to as “ScarJo,” was “addicted to bad press.”

Others seemed to suggest in tweets that her defense of Allen would cost her at the Oscars or cost her at the box office when her solo Marvel film Black Widow is released in May 2020.

Some users tied in her past comments about portraying individuals who are unlike her.

Despite past controversies, Johansson seems to be thriving in Hollywood. According to Entertainment Weekly, Johansson dethroned fellow actress Emma Stone as the highest-paid actress in Hollywood last year, raking in some $40.5 million.