Julianne Hough Gets Herself Into An Insane Situation As She Spreads Her Legs Over A Stranger's Face On 'AGT'

Julianne Hough can usually dance herself out of any iffy circumstance but she wasn't able to do that on September 3. During a live act on America's Got Talent, the former Dancing with the Stars pro was absconded from her judge's chair on the TV talent show by a shirtless hunk who led the beautiful blonde onto the AGT stage for the semifinals.

Another hunk -- again, while not wearing a shirt -- tried to grab Gabrielle Union as well. However, that pretty judge wasn't having it so Julliane ended up being the only female featured for an act that included very limber gentlemen.

Luckily, Jules was wearing athleisure bottoms for her Tuesday gig. So, when the trio of bare-chested guys in skintight pants gave her instructions, she agreed even though the terror in her eyes belied her real feelings about what she was told to do.

At that point, Julianne was escorted to sit atop one of the hunks who was down on all fours. Then, she was flipped around on her back as her head was lowered into a lying position that nearly simulated a sex act. After that, she was helped off the human table by a helpful member of the troupe who then held her hand as all four of the performers took deep bows.

Julianna uploaded the curious circumstances while judging Season 14 of AGT. She shared the whole embarrassing situation with her 4.9 million Instagram followers, nearly 1 million of whom liked her video.

"Imagine if the genders were switched....," remarked one caring fan, offering a concept that probably made many others think about the strange and seemingly sexist act.

"How is this even a talent" started another, adding "lol" to lighten that person's blunt reaction.

"I have many questions," commented another follower, who added a crying-laughing face emoji.

"They should have tried that with Sean!!!" said another, referring to guest judge Sean Hayes.

Meanwhile, on AGT's official Instagram page, the muscular trio of hunky guys was featured in all their semi-naked glory.

They seemed to be popular with the show's 1.3 million fans, with one commenter summing up their act.

"All I can say is hot damn those guys were on fire."
Julianne's husband wasn't exactly enthusiastic. Brooks Laich hopped aboard the comment train on his wife's upload of the strange performance by joking, "3 new names added to my hit list" and adding three angry-face emoji and three laughing-crying face emoji.
That entire part of Wednesday's episode of AGT showed one important thing that will likely earn her many new fans. Julianne Hough showed what a good sport she can be by participating in what could have turned into an awkward x-rated performance.