Elizabeth Hurley, 54, Flaunts Her Cleavage As She Bids Farewell To Los Angeles

Elizabeth Hurley attends the 'Rocketman' UK Premiere
Joe Maher / Getty Images for Paramount Pictures

Model, actress, and swimwear designer Elizabeth Hurley has been working on an exciting project for the past few months, and she took to Instagram on Wednesday to share a little bit of scoop about it. As is typically the case with the 54-year-old bombshell, Liz shared a fairly racy photograph to go along with her latest update.

Hurley has been in Los Angeles for a while working on the third season of the Hulu series Marvel’s Runaways. It seems that Liz’s time on the project has now wrapped up and she is ready to bid farewell to California for a while.

Liz said in her caption that these past three months of shooting were great and it seems that she bonded extensively with both the cast and the crew. As Hurley shared these tidbits on the Marvel’s Runaways project, she enticed her followers with a busty display of beauty.

The 54-year-old actress was wearing a black top underneath a bright red-and-yellow windbreaker as she leaned on a countertop. She had on a chunky, bold necklace and she had her brunette hair pulled back into a bun or ponytail behind her head. Liz kept a few wispy tendrils out and beautifully framing her face, which suggested a heavy makeup look.

A lot of Hurley’s social media followers are accustomed to seeing her in stunning bikinis or other salacious ensembles. This photo was definitely a change of pace from those typical snapshots. Liz did show a lot of deep cleavage with this one though, as the black top she was wearing had an extremely low-cut front V.

Liz noted that the new episodes featuring her character would premiere on Hulu in December. As The Inquisitr previously shared, Hurley was cast to portray the villainous character of Morgan le Fay. This is the third season of the Hulu series and it sounds as if Liz’s character will be central in shaking things up in the upcoming shows.


Hurley’s fans loved this latest Instagram update. Liz has around 1.3 million people following her on the social media site, and within about 45 minutes, more than 11,000 of them had liked this post. Many noted that she looked gorgeous, and it sounds as if plenty of her fans are planning to tune in this winter to check out her new role.

The British bombshell has a gorgeous estate in England, but Elizabeth Hurley spends a lot of time traveling the globe. She hasn’t revealed what’s next on her project list, but most fans would guess that another bikini-focused snapshot will likely be coming to her Instagram page sooner rather than later.