Tana Mongeau’s Topless Instagram Pics Are Officially X-Rated

Lars NikiGetty Images

Tana Mongeau doesn’t have the world’s most child-friendly Instagram account. The YouTuber is known for upping the ante with her social media updates, although many fans would likely argue that Tana’s displays of sexuality are both an appealing part of her identity and a manifestation of body-positivity, feminine strength, and confidence.

It looks like the latter was alive and well for the 21-year-old’s most recent Instagram update. Tana had delivered a pretty heavy one: the star shared six images in one post, although the photos showed various scenarios.

The first photo showed the blonde shot close up as she stuck her tongue out and grabbed her chest in a colorful and eye-catching tank top. A quick swipe to the right upped the ante, though. Here, Tana was seen taking a bathroom selfie in black underwear briefs with a hoodie cut above the chest to form what was effectively a topless look. Fans viewing the image on their smartphones may not have glanced twice at the snap, but a quick look at the post’s comments section showed a fanbase that had noticed the X-rated nature of the image. With many users pointing out that Tana’s nipples were visible, it did seem that this newly-married star was out to show an awful lot.

Things toned down for the third dinner snap and various other images showing Tana with her friends, although the underboob and overall cleavage were definitely making a statement throughout.

Tana’s update proved a popular one, racking up over 178,000 likes in just 45 minutes. The same time frame brought over 1,800 fans into the comments section. While some of the most upvoted comments centered around the amount of skin on show – and a very specific part of it – not all responses saw fans hone in on the update’s adult side. Beady-eyed users questioned where Tana’s wedding ring was, with others querying why husband and fellow YouTuber Jake Paul hadn’t been featured.

Speaking to Mashable about her career and what was at the time her engagement to Jake, Tana admitted that her engagement did see an impulsivity streak manifest.

“I guess you can call it impulsive, but that’s a decision that’s not hurting anyone. That’s a decision that was out of how much we care about each other. We’re both very wild people when we come together; we do some wild s***, and it’s super, super fun. In a way I guess you could say that, sure, but not in a bad way,” she said.

Clearly, the wild side of Tana is alive and well.