Thursday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Peter Ponders Maddox’s Fate As Anthony Montgomery Returns To The Role

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General Hospital spoilers for Thursday’s show tease that Peter will struggle to make some tough decisions as Dr. Andre Maddox lies unconscious at GH. Elizabeth has been desperate to get Maddox to Port Charles with the hope that he can reverse the memory switch procedure that has essentially turned Franco into Drew. However, she’s running up against some major obstacles.

As viewers saw during Tuesday’s show, Andre wandered into GH and collapsed, leaving Jordan and Curtis scrambling to figure out what happened to him. Maddox is alive, for now, but Peter entered his room at the end of Wednesday’s episode, and it seems as if Peter is contemplating trying to finish the job that someone else started with the doctor.

Although it wasn’t shown, fans feel pretty sure that Drew was able to find Andre as he had intended. However, viewers watched recently as Peter ordered someone to intervene as Drew’s search played out, and now it seems his goal was to get rid of Andre before the doctor could return to Port Charles.

During Thursday’s show, viewers will see more from Peter as he stands in Andre’s room. Mac, Jordan, and Jason are all nearby discussing the case and angling for updates from Epiphany. Peter is feeling desperate with Shiloh blackmailing him, and it’ll be interesting to see how many risks he will take as he scrambles with this situation.

Fans are excited to see the character of Andre back, but many were confused about who was stepping into the role. Maddox looks different from what everybody has seen in previous appearances, and the character has been hooked up to a lot of medical equipment. All of that led some to speculate that the show had brought in a recast.

As it happens, it is actor Anthony Montgomery back once again as Andre. He shared via Twitter that he was back in Port Charles, and it seems that he’s grown out his hair since viewers last saw him playing Maddox.


Will Andre recover and can he save Franco? Elizabeth got a call that Maddox was at General Hospital but spoilers tease that she’s going to be pretty shocked by what she faces next.

Not only will Liz surely be devastated to learn of Andre’s dire medical condition, but Oscar is about to tell her that he saw Franco and Kim kissing in the park. Despite these blows, SheKnows Soaps notes that Elizabeth will keep a level head during Thursday’s episode.

It isn’t clear yet whether Andre will recover or not, but General Hospital spoilers hint that this situation will take a while to be resolved. All signs point toward this getting more intense in the coming days, and fans are curious to see what the writers have planned.