Jon Gosselin Pays Tribute To His Kids In Massive End-Of-Summer Instagram Post As Kate Remains Silent

The former 'Jon and Kate Plus 8' star shared a supersized tribute to his family as he says goodbye to summer.

Reality star Jon Gosselin; Kate Gosselin

The former 'Jon and Kate Plus 8' star shared a supersized tribute to his family as he says goodbye to summer.

Kate Gosselin will have to do a lot of social media posting to catch up to her ex-husband, Jon. The dad of eight posted a massive Instagram tribute to his kids and girlfriend Colleen Conrad as he reflected on their amazing summer together.

The 42-year-old former Jon and Kate Plus 8 star shared a huge collage of pictures of his children Collin and Hannah, and his longtime love, Colleen, as he said goodbye to summer 2019. The photos also include Colleen’s grown kids, Jesse and Jordan.

Gosselin’s photos included pics from a family trip to the beach in Rehoboth, Delaware, as well as a trek to Brooklyn to move Colleen’s son. There were also photos from Jon and Colleen’s date night at a California wedding as well as poolside and road trip pics with the kids. In addition, Gosselin included a back-to-school photo of Hannah and Collin as they started their first day at a new public high school in their Pennsylvania hometown last week.

Fans of the famous family flocked to the comments section to remark on how happy Hannah and Collin look since moving in with Jon. Several fans noted that all the two kids needed was their dad amid the ongoing custody battle between Jon and his ex-wife Kate.

Jon’s massive social media post also highlights his ex-wife’s silence regarding her summer and the couples’ other six kids’ back-to-school ventures. As previously shared by The Inquisitr, Kate skipped the tradition of posting a back-to-school photo as her 15-year-olds Aaden, Joel, Alexis, and Leah started high school and her 18-year-old twins, Mady and Cara, started college.

Kate’s summertime social media posts consisted mostly of promos and behind-the-scenes snaps from her TLC spinoff, Kate Plus Date. The mom of eight did post one pool photo of two of her teens (three if you count a poolside photo bomb) in July, but she has mostly been silent on social media. Kate’s last post, on July 15, is a photo of a recipe she cooked with one of her suitors, Jeff, on the finale of Kate Plus Date.


Meanwhile, although he has plenty of summertime photos of Collin and Hannah, Jon Gosselin has been vocal about the fact that he is not in contact with most of his eight children. Earlier this year, Gosselin told E! News that while Hannah and Collin live with him, their siblings are not speaking to him.

“I kind of left it in their court now since it’s been so long,” Jon said of his estranged children. “I mean, it is kind of heartbreaking and I do miss them, but everyone grows and matures and understands things… I tried really hard to develop something with them and only time will tell, I guess.”

While he is out of touch with some of his kids right now, it clear by his active photostream that Jon makes the most of the time he has with Hannah and Collin.