DJ Flume Sparks Controversy After Performing Oral Sex On Paige Elkington Live At Burning Man

Rob KimGetty Images

The New York Post reports that Australia’s DJ Flume performed oral sex live on stage for his rumored girlfriend, Paige Elkington. Although footage of the incident was originally posted on Elkington’s Instagram Story, it has since been deleted and is now available on Twitter.

Attendees of the Burning Man festival weren’t happy about the people using their phones to document the sex act, as phone use is discouraged during the nine-day Nevada event in Black Rock Desert. Others took to social media to criticize Flume for his “technique.”

“Straight white men are something else i swear,” one user wrote.

“It looks like he doesn’t know what he’s doing, I mean if your going to do bold n do something like that don’t half a** it,” another chimed in.

Elkington has over 90,000 Instagram followers and sells temporary tattoos via her online store. Back in 2018, she became a meme after a photo of her and Jeff Goldblum went viral. Most recently, she posted a picture of a temporary leg tattoo on Instagram and used it to claim that the social media network doesn’t have the right to share her content.

As for Flume, he burst onto the electronic music scene in 2011 with his single “Possum.” Although his relationship with Elkington isn’t confirmed, the pair reportedly spent time together during Flume’s recent Asia tour.

Per Interview Magazine, there’s more to the 27-year-old’s career than his recent X-rated viral video. He revealed that his first memory of being exposed to music was a self-titled album called Deep Forest, which he described as “beautiful music” with “cutting edge” production. Eventually, Flume took the dive into making his own music, which he admitted was rough at first.

“I made a lot of s**t songs, so many terrible songs. I don’t remember the first exact one. It would have been on the music-making app from the cereal.”

Flume says that afterward, he invested in eJay, followed by ACID Pro, and then FruityLoops and Reason.

“I was trying out all of this different, less complicated stuff out there,” he said.

Flume’s big break came when he came in second in a contest with the record label Future Classic, which he is now on. He sent demos to founder Nathan McLay, who is Flume’s current manager. Although Flume didn’t win the contest, he got a free track out of it and claimed that from there, his career snowballed.

“We’re super tight, like family vibes,” he said of his relationship with Future Classic.